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Fishing Report 23 September 2019

Fishing Report 23 September 2019


SW gusting 27 first thin g then dropping to 22. Cloudy with a max of 19 there is a short spell of rain forecast in the morning, Wave height 3.1 period 10 Barometer 1018-1023. It looks like the wind storm forecast for Tuesday came through last night.

High Tide 10.26 Low Tide 03.32.


SW gusting 12 dropping to 9 by midday. Partly cloudy with a max of 17. Wave height 1.9-1.5 period 9 barometer 1024-1022-1024.

High Tide ---- Low Tide 06.11.


SSW gusting 24 first thing then settles to gusts of 14. Partly cloudy with a max of 18, Wave height 2.6 period 8 barometer 1031-1032.

High Tide 01.06 Low Tide 07.23.


SW gusting 7 before swing to a E gusting 10, let’s hope this signals the end of the front we experiencing. Sunny with a max of 20. Wave height 2.3 period 10 Barometer 1030-1025.

High Tide 01.58 Low Tide 08.08.



Lots of people fish the lagoon over the weekend and a lot of species were caught using bait on the trawl with lures. Although there were Diamonds been caught in the surf there were no reports of them in the lagoon. Some shad were caught passed the steel bridge which answers a frequently asked question as to how far they go up, that is about 8km from the sea.


Shaun got himself a very nice King Fish of 20kg on the main beach on Sunday morning well done young man it was caught on a Shad head making that the second one caught with this bait so far this year. So far the biggest Diamond of the season reported to the shop is 179cm there will be a prize for the biggest Diamond , please do the right thing and measure it flat i.e. between 2 sticks and not over its body. Lots of Diamonds. Snapper Kob, Shad and Spinner Sharks were caught throughout the day. On Saturday morning the Parks Board together with the Honory Officers with lots of school kids took part in the international coastal beach clean-up day 46 bags of rubbish were collected ( There were bags inside bags), now out of the various categories of rubbish fisherman rubbish came out top, within the fisherman rubbish 2 gill nets were found in the Garlands area however it was the amount of line found wrapped around sticks or objects that could entangle birds, animals fish etc. this whilst not preventable we can still limit this by changing our mind set for example if you bust off cast back into that spot as there is a good chance you will tangle with you own line and retrieve it. If your burrowing sinker is deep in the ground pull it out slowly it will eventually dislodge, you have time to do this if you not sure about how to achieve these 2 hints join the local angle club and see how they do it. With our resources been depleted it is up to us to try protect it so our kids can enjoy the beaches as we did and do. A angler said to me we should protect the beaches and oceans as it is part of our Heritage, think about that tomorrow when you having your braai and make a plan of what difference you can make. I am happy to say not many Chokka Sleeves and Bait boxes were found, in fact I don’t think any were, it was mainly fishing line and the stuff entangled in it. Rant over.

Ski boat

There were a few boats out looking for Snoek on Saturday but we assume they did not get any as we have not heard anything to say otherwise. I believe Greg went out twice to have a look for them but he had no luck,

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