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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 13 September 2019

Fishing Report 13September 2019

Weather for the weekend.


SW gusting 18 gradually picking up to 20. Partly cloudy with rain forecast in the evening with a max of 23. Wave height 1.8 period 7 barometer 1012-1016.

High Tide 03.26 Low 09.32.


SW gusting 8 dropping to 5 by the afternoon, light rain is forecast throughout the day with a max of 16. Wave height 2.2 period 13 barometer 1019-1017.

High Tide 03.52 Low 09.57. Equinox Spring.


NE gusting 18 peaking at 21. Sunny with a max of 28. Wave height 1.6 period 11 barometer 1016-1011.

High Tide 04.17 Low 10.22.


Diamonds are in the lagoon and they can be caught from the car parks to the river month if you are fishing with light tackle and you get picked up try bust off as soon as possible as it is not necessary to have these fishing trailing 200m of line while they trying to dislodge the hook, it will also help to squash the barbs, you will not lose your fish overseas barbed hooks are already banned and it is not long and we will follow suit.



It was a funny week species wise , Kob , Snapper Kob, Shad, Sea Barbell, Spinners , Lessors Sand Sharks, Spinner Sharks, Spotted Grunter and Spotted Pompano but no big non eds we even droned baits from 170m to 340m juicy Bonnies but not a sniff. We fished the banks yesterday for nearly 4 hrs and Jan got 4 fish the other 3 of us blanked , highlights was Ruddi get washed down the gully and my mother of  a overwind. With the Diamonds coming into the lagoon it will not be long and they will be in the surf zone, the Zambies will follow. On Tuesday morning session we had 11 rods out and one Spinner yet on Monday some of the guys got 6 species in the same spot. Shangri La beach and Mboyeni fished well during the week with the main fish been targeted being the big Shad and Kob.


Ski Boat

Umlalazi Ski Boat Club are hosting a bottom fishing classic on the 12 October this year. We are waiting for more details rules etc.

Next events.

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