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Fishing Report 9 September 2019

Fishing Report 9 September 2019


NE gusting 25 dying down to 18 by the late afternoon. Sunny with a max of 26. Wave height 1.6 period 10 barometer 1019-1014.

High Tide 00.53 Low Tide 07.17.


N gusting 8 swinging late morning to a E gusting12. Sunny with a max of 26. Wave height 2.1 period 11 barometer 1014-1010.

High Tide 01.51 Low Tide 08.04.


NE gusting 16 picking up to 22 by the late afternoon. Sunny with a max of 30. Wave height 1.6 period 9 barometer 1011-1006.

High Tide 06.45 Low Tide 00.37.


NE gusting 13 picking up to 24 by late afternoon. Sunny with a max of 32. Wave height 1.5 period 8 barometer 1009-1002.

High Tide 02.59 Low Tide 09.05.



I have no idea of what happened down at the lagoon over the weekend as the anglers that went down did not report anything, we going into spring tide this weekend so there will be a big movement in water and as a friend said the more water in the lagoon gives the fish a bigger area to feed in therefore increasing you chances of a pick up.


We had a turtle stranding on the beach on Saturday, I received a call from Kevin to say there was a turtle on the beach what must they do so I told them to wait for me and do nothing, just before my arrival some anglers tried to swim it out but it kept washing in, the animal clearly was in distress and after getting hold of Peter for the second time this week he advised me to take it off the beach and away from people while this was going on my front teeth wanted to examine the turtle and promptly excited my mouth so know I am talking to Jenny Olbers from KZN Wildlife Rescue , Trueman Buthelezi our Park CIO and Peter Jones from Ocean Life without my front teeth on a cell phone in the wind …. Anyway it was decided to take it to Ushaka Marine World in Durban to have it examined and be brought back to health. One has to admire the dedication of the people I was talking to as they were all off duty somewhere else and to organize the logistics and checking on the animal took some time. That you for supporting the turtle. There was a group of people around the turtle and someone asked me what is wrong , to be honest I had no idea I know extremely little about these creatures and the only experience I have with them is they try go back to the sea this one did not so I said maybe it ate plastic and is no week from not eating food and this was the goose bump time immediately after I said that a farther said to the kids “ Did you hear what the man said, that is why it is so important to put rubbish in the bin” those kids just stared at the turtle suffering and I am sure they will never through rubbish on the ground, give that Dad a Bells. Kevin thank you for carrying the turtle it was a fair walk what was amazing about you caring the turtle into the car park was the monkeys following you.

On the fishing front Saturday was fishable and a nice size Raggie was caught at Shangri La Beach on Saturday even together with a lot of Fish Tail Barbells.

Sunday on the main beach Pompano, Spotted Grunter and Shad were caught before the wind forced the anglers off the beach, a group of Anglers were planning on fishing near the whale but I have no idea of the outcome.

On Sunday our angling club MAC fished common venue at St Lucia. Susan won the ladies division with a lessor of 2.8kg and Michael got a top 10 finish with a Brown Skate of 11.3kg , the team finished in 50% of the field with 50% of the required anglers. Bilal who was a guest angler got 3 Shad and unfortunately they did not count, William and Gerhardt got some Shad on spoon. Only one Shad used as live bait was converted to a fish that was Michaels Brown.

Ski boat

Marcel, Tyler and Ken went deep sea from Richards Bay to try Jig for some game fish and do some trawling etc. looking for any game. Young Ken got a hiding of note on his TLD 25 with what was believed to be a Marlin screaming off with the line. The guys got Bonnies etc but the big fish never came to the party. I did see a picture of a hatch on a boat with about 4 Garrick in it so we know some fish was caught at the Richards Bay Garrick comp. I am not aware of any boats who fished local waters.

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