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Fishing Report 6 September 2019

Fishing Report 6 September 2019

Weather for the weekend.


SE gusting 14 swinging to ESE gusting 11. Cloudy with rain forecast all day with a max of 17. Wave height 2.1 period 9 barometer 1020-1031.

High Tide 08.52 Low 02.10


NE gusting 9 picking up to 17 by the evening. Partly cloudy with a max of 20. Wave height 1.9 period 10 Barometer 1032-1029.

High Tide ---- Low 04.34


NE gusting 26 dropping to 24 during the afternoon. Sunny with a max of 24. Wave height 1.6 period 10-6 barometer 1027-1020.

High Tide 00.30 Low 06.49.


A Russell Snapper was caught in the week as well as some nice size Grunter in the Port Dunford area, me thinks the summer fish are coming back, great news as the species on offer make a great day out for the species anglers. The crabs are full of meat and are taking a variety of baits, if you are keeping them please may sure you have ticked block 8 on your license and have paid for it the Giant Mud Crab is a delicacy worldwide enjoy them. They do bite hard so be very careful when handling them.



The surf zone has been tough to fish in over the last few days with the South wind not helping at all however what it has done is move the whale closer to the main beach, I was going to look for it this morning but with the heavy rain we having to do a 1.5km trip up the beach it soon became a big no no. Get big juicy baits over the whale as I suspect the sharks are still hanging about waiting for the whale to move deeper into the water. MAC (Mtunzini Angling Club) are fishing league on Sunday and we wish them well and safe travels, we look forward to seeing you guys when you get back and no war stories, we want to hear about the big ones you caught and not about the big ones that got away.I get calls about what is biting, I think the last time decent fish were caught was on Monday at Shangri La beach with Kob being the main species, the weather over the weekend and into next week is northerly wind which will bring the fish back. The sad news is early in the week the guys saw the Garrick in the back line heading south so it seems they are moving back. We have got some really fresh sards in this week, they so fresh when you open the box to check they wink at you.


Ski Boat

Speaking to Peter Jacobs from Ocean Life regards the Turtle nest found on the beach he asked the guys to be careful around the shallow reefs especially Glenton Reef area on your approach, the females are gathering there before moving onto to the Sodwana area to nest and it would be sad to hit one with your boat. Good luck to the guys fishing the Richards Bay Garrick comp this weekend the conditions do not look bad at all.

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