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Fishing Report 2 September 2019

Fishing Report 2 September 2019


W gusting 3 before swinging to a SW gusting 14. Sunny with a max of 22. Wave height 1.3 period 12 barometer 1017-1020.

High Tide 05.33 Low Tide 11.35.


NE gusting 17 before swinging to a NNE gusting 9. Sunny with a max of 31. Wave height 1.6 period 13 barometer 1014-1016.

High Tide 06-09 Low Tide 00.01.


SW gusting 26 first thing then drops slightly during the day till gusting 15. Partly cloudy with a max of 22. Wave height 1.2-1.9 period 6 barometer 1014-1016.

High Tide 06.45 Low Tide 00.37.


SE gusting 3 gradually picking up to 28 by the evening. Partly cloudy with rain forecast throughout the night with a max of 21. Wave height 2 period 14-11 barometer 1014-1022.

High Tide 07.23 Low Tide 01.05.



We held the clinic in the howling wind on Saturday 7 anglers turned up of which 5 were helpers, Penny and Marius were the 2 newbies. Fishing was challenging to day the least and Marius got the biggest fish of the day, a Giant Mud Crab that took about 5 min to land it, it was his first one and he was determined to land it. Other species caught was a tiny Shad, Brassy King and a St Lucia pest or Tiger. Bait used Indian Sardine, Chokka, Bait Prawns, Whole Mackerel and artificial lures.


The best fishing time over the weekend was Saturday morning and those that went fishing got so Shad and Pompanos. A big whale bone wash up at Doggies and then towards Garlands a young whale washed up, 3 guys from Durban went and dropped baits behind the carcass yesterday morning but I have not heard if they got anything, they should have as the sharks had started feeding on the carcass. The said wash and wave size put a lot of guys off yesterday as it was very difficult surf conditions to fish in.

Ski boat

Yesterday was the annual social held by the Mtunzini Rock and Surf Club and the Ski Boat Club with only Garrick to count. The anglers were ferried to the South Bank of the river mouth and the gathering of mullet commenced, this did not take long and everybody had a live bait and the fishing could begin ( this was a bad sign as the rule of thumb is if there is a lot of mullet about the Garrick are not there). The surf was big with a strong side wash that subsided as the tide went out in spite of this Zurika Klopper landed a nice size Squaretail Kob, Susan Breedt managed a small Shad and that was it for the day, note both ladies fish for MAC well done to them, after a slow morning fishing wise the group headed back to the SkiBoat Club for the prize giving and a braai followed by a lot of “Keel Vas”. Due to the fact no Garrick were caught the Ski Boat club retained the trophy for 8 years running. This is the amusing part 8 years ago one Garrick was caught by a Ski Boat Angler and for the last 7 years no other Garrick have been caught at this event. I must admit the banter between the anglers leading up to this event was great fun and it is nice to see the clubs having some fun together, long may it last. Thanks to Giel , Gawie and Michael for helping to organize the event and all the anglers that pitched and travelled far and wide to attend.

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