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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 23 August 2019

Fishing Report 23 August 2019

Weather for the weekend.


NW gusting 2 swinging later in the morning to a SW gusting 9. Sunny with a max of 27. Wave height 1.5-1.2 period 16-14 barometer 1020-1021.

High Tide 07.46 Low 01.44. Neap Tide.


NE gusting 5 gradually picking up to gusts of 20 by late afternoon. Sunny with a max of 31. Wave height 1.2 period 13 barometer 1020-1013.

High Tide 08.49 Low 02.42


NE gusting 5 swinging to a SE gusting 10 before settling as a SW gusting 14 for the remainder of the day. Sunny with a max of 31. Wave height 1.4-1.1 period 7 barometer 1011-1015.

High Tide 10.54 Low 04.24 today is what I call the big jump tide.


Fishing over the weekend should be good with nice warm days and little tide movement, what a nice time to fish and braai with friends and family at the lagoon. We planning a session tonight with a braai…..the shop might close early. I have not heard about and decent fish been caught apart from Willie who got a nice size Lessor Sand Shark and a Silago which makes nice live bait.



We have really big ground swell coming through which is not good to fish in at the moment, this has caused a side wash, and the good news is the swell is dropping leaving a nice colour in the water, good for Kob. Yesterday to the left of main beach some nice size Shad were caught but no Kob, last night the side wash had really picked up making fishing impossible. We expect the surf to be back to normal tomorrow afternoon if the colour holds the Kob will be back.


Ski Boat

This morning 2 jet skis went out but were soon back in a conditions must have been very uncomfortable and they returned very early however with the sea settling several guys are going out tomorrow as the weather looks better than Sunday.

Next events.
We are holding a fishing clinic on the 31 August in the main car park at the lagoon, it is free to enter and we will be demonstrating different types of traces to target River Bream and we will also discuss the best places to target them by trying to use their behavior to enhance our chances of catching one.


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