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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 19 August 2019

Fishing Report 19 August 2019


SW gusting 28. Partly cloudy with a max of 21. Wave height 2-2.7 period 12 barometer 1011-1022.

High Tide 05.35 Low Tide 11.41.


SW gusting 18. Partly cloudy with a max of 29. Wave height 2.5-2.9 period 12-15 barometer 1024-1027.

High Tide 06.03 Low Tide 00.01.


W gusting 4 then swings to an E gusting 10 by the afternoon. Partly cloudy with a max of 21. Wave height 2.4-1.8 period 13 barometer 1027-1025.

High Tide 06.32 Low Tide 00.31.


NE gusting 16 reaching 19 at its peak. Sunny with a max of 26 Wave height 1.5-2 period 10-20 barometer 1023-1017.

High Tide 07.05 Low Tide 01.04.



Brindle Bas or Garrupa as it is also known  inhabit shallow waters to a depth of 100m and they do come into the Estuary to feed on live fish, even rays and sharks however in the estuary they feed mainly on Scylla Errata or the Mud Crab.  A juvenile was caught on Sunday morning in the main car park and after great excitement it was released, the anglers involved thought it was a Rockcod of some description and some even went on to say it was a Malabar (which are common in the lagoon) the yellow markings are a dead give way, with age these become coffee like in colour. The fish was released as the angler did not want it which was quiet fortunate for them as it is a MAY NOT KEEP fish and is on our highly endangered fish species list. Besides that quite a few types of fish were caught including Mud Crabs and Eels.


Eish the wind she blows and the side wash is screaming this seems to continue for the next few days so if you are camping may you should announce to your fellow campers in your deepest voice “Ons gaan nou braai” (we will begin to BBQ any time from now till the next 5 hrs). Although Friday was a stunning day the side wash made fishing hard work and the 2 groups that went Garrick fishing blanked.


Ski boat

In spite of the wind on Saturday  young Marcel and Tyler launched from Meer en See Ski Boat Club for a short trip out to see, what normally takes 40min to their favourite hunting ground took nearly 2 hrs and they managed to hit a few “pot Holes’ soaking all those on board. They were rewarded with 5 Yellow Fin Tuna not very big ones but still using Rattler plugs on a light spinning outfit a 7kg Tuna gives a good account for itself, well done guys. On Friday the guys that went out through the mouth mainly got Kob with very few other species boated, just was one of those days when the kob were fast on the bite.

Next events.

We are holding a fishing clinic on the 31 August in the main car park at the lagoon, it is free to enter and we will be demonstrating different types of traces to target River Bream and we will also discuss the best places to target them by trying to use their behaviour to enhance our chances of catching one.

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