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Fishing Report 9 August 2019

Fishing Report 9 August 2019

Weather for the weekend.


SW gusting 14 dropping off during the day there is some rain forecast around lunch time with a max temp of 17. Wave height 1.8-1.4 period 11 barometer 1025-1027.

High Tide 10.32 Low 04.06.


North East gusting 22 picking up to 32 by the evening. Sunny with a max of 26. Wave height 1.4-2 period 12 barometer 1025-1015.

High Tide---- Low 06.00


NE gusting 14 before swinging to a SE gusting 15 by late afternoon. Sunny with a max of 32. Wave height 1.6-1.4 period 10-13 barometer 1010-1006.

High Tide 00.57 Low 07.23.


Although there was some rain overnight it was not sufficient to muddy the water, the fish have been on a feeding frenzy with one couple going through 4 boxes of baby squid in a few hrs and the main culprits of this feeding frenzy were Kob, Spotted Grunter, River Gurnard and River Bream.



Still plenty of size Kob in the surf zone as well as undersize Kob which we expect you to do the right thing and put them back, if the fish swallowed the bait don’t try dig the bait out with a pair of pliers just gut the line off and return it to the water and after a few days it will dislodge the hook and spit it out, it does this by blowing or sucking water around the hook there by causing the wound to be large enough to dislodge the hook. We have seen this a few years back with a specimen at the Kob Farm the hook was found in the tank on the third day, we suspect it spat the hook during the night, as far as I know it is still alive today. During the week young Louie went for “one Throw” and he was rewarded with a decent Shad he was back at the shop before we locked up, most of the fish at the moment are coming out in the early evening.

Ski Boat

Bottom fishing earlier in the week was good and everybody who went out caught, the main species were Slinger, Squaretail Kob with a few Lanterns or Cave Bass and the odd Rockcod. There was a lot of Snoek activity and I Quote” They were very cheeky, they ignored the bait and lures”. The whales are starting to arrive in the bay and are great fun to watch, last year we had one pull the anchor rope which was kind of scary as it could have sunk the boat.

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