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Fishing Report 5 August 2019

Fishing Report 5 August 2019


W gusting 3 first thing then the wind swings to an E gusting 6. Partly clouding with a max of 29. Wave height 1.1 period 12 barometer 1014-1007.

High Tide 06.36 Low Tide 00.26.


SW gusting 13 swinging to a SE gusting 12 during the afternoon. Partly cloudy with a max of 22. Wave height 1.1-1.7 period 12-15 barometer 1013-1017.

High Tide 07.16 Low Tide 01.08.


NE gusting 18 and the wind climbs during the day gusting 34 by the evening. Sunny with a max of 33. Wave height 1.3 period 14-7 barometer 1013-1004.

High Tide 08.01 Low Tide 01.53.


SW gusting 31 first thing then stats to die down to 13. Cloudy with a max of 20. Wave height 1.4-2 period 7 barometer 1015-1013.

High Tide 08.58 Low Tide 02.47.



The water in the lagoon is the cleanest it has been in a long time so much so that the Algae in the area of River Land Estate has grown into lo0ng strands that hinder both bait and artificial fishing, I am told the cause of this is the light is penetrating deeper into the water, so far the areas in the car parks are not affected. Fish for Kob from late afternoon till into the evening and fish for them as you would in the surf zone, they like big baits.


There are reports of Garrick activity during the weekend however none seem to have been landed however in the evenings the big Kob move into the surf zone and a feeding on Chokka based baits and live Mullet. If you don’t have a boat to go to the mouth area to get Mullet drive around to Shangri La beach net there and fish the channel from the North Bank, failing that head to the Banks or south of the swimming beach. For those that like catching Pompanos they were very active over the weekend. Coming up to the long weekend the tides are getting better each day for an afternoon into the evening session. Don’t be surprised if you get picked up by a Diamond, another monster was landed in front of the Siyayi last week, target them they are not as plentiful as in the summer but they are still here.

Ski boat

Several boats went out today and judging by the weather they are probably still out there, nothing to report yet.

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