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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 26 July 2019

Fishing Report 26 June 2019

Weather for the weekend.


SW gusting 8 first thing gusting 18 by midday before dropping back towards the evening. Sunny with a max of 22. Wave height 1.3 period 12 barometer 1021-1024.

High Tide 10.00 Low 03.55


N gusting 10 in the morning then it swings to a NE gusting 23 by the afternoon. Sunny with a max of 26. Wave height 1.7 period 16-12 barometer 1023-1017.

High Tide 11.46 Low 05.32


NE gusting 6 swinging late morning to an E gusting 12. Sunny with a max of 27. Wave height 1.5 period 11 barometer 1017-1014.

High Tide 00.23 Low 06.51


We are hearing reports of small fish been bait balled then a smash occurs and the question is what fish is doing this? We think this is Kob as opposed to Garrick, the reason being is at this time of the year the bigger Kob come into the estuarine system, some of which have been caught making size 60cm. One of the ways to get into the action is use a lure that mimics the size of the fish in the bait ball and retrieve through the bait ball, this should produce an “on Dad”. If you cast a live bait into the ball give the bait slack so it can swim up into it. There have been some big smashes reported in the mouth area we suspect that to be Garrick no harm in targeting them by throwing a mullet in a channel next to a sand bank choose the side the tide is washing over.



Been a great week for night fishing targeting Kob in particular, last night we were a group of 12 fishing was slow and the Kob seem to have stayed over the bank and when I packed up they had not come over like they did earlier in the week, I was not able to get over the bank and needless to say I blanked. The guys and Lady that did get over the bank managed to get a fish each with 2 baits been lost to Sharks. The only bit of excitement I had was retrieving a line that had snapped during a cast earlier in the evening. There was some baits out for a Raggie but like the Kob they were shy and not committed to a bait, we intend to put this right as a group of us are going back to the banks on Saturday afternoon leaving from the shop at 3pm, some guys are doing an all-nighter however this man is going home to sleep. The tides this weekend look good for early morning and evening sessions.


Ski Boat

While conditions were good there appears not to much boat fishing took place however the morning sessions over the weekend look like a good opportunity, we know there are Tuna about as we saw them off the beach. A bottoms competition is in the planning as well as the Ski Boat VS Rock and Surf Garrick Competition, 2 upcoming events to look forward 2 in the coming months.

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