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Fishing Report 22 July 2019

Fishing Report 22 July 2019


NE gusting 13. Sunny with a max of 27. Wave height 2.6-1.9 period 12 barometer 1016-1009.

High Tide 06.31 Low Tide 00.30.


NW gusting 4 swinging late in the morning to a NE gusting 7. Sunny with a max of 27. Wave height 1.2-1.4 period 6 barometer 1020-1016.

High Tide 07.06 Low Tide 01.05.


SE 16 swinging to a SW gusting 20. Sunny with a max of 23. Wave height 1.6-2.9 period 13-9 barometer 1002-1015.

High Tide 07.46 Low Tide 01.46.


NE gusting 22, sunny with a max of 26. Wave height 2.5-1.6 period 12 barometer 1019-1011.

High Tide 08.39 Low Tide 02.39. Neap Tide



Not a lot of people fished over the weekend and the only reports of fish caught was a big River Bream near the slipway. The rain we had was not enough to cloud the water so it is still quiet clean.


We like most of the east coast of SA had a massive wind storm, swells were reported to be in the range of 5m. Friday before the storm a nice size Kob was caught and then the wind started and sent the anglers packing. The sea is settling nicely with a slight side wash, the water colour is good for Kob and plans are been made to go down to the beach tomorrow. The banks and channels have changed on the main beach and we can safely say for the other spots as well , they are deeper which is good news.

Ski boat

Nothing to report because no normal person would have fished in that storm, it will be interesting to see how much sand was pushed into the river mouth, maybe someone should take a boat and go have a look.

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