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Fishing Report 15 July 2019

Fishing Report 15 July 2019


NW gusting 5 before swinging late morning to a NNE gusting 6. Sunny with a max of 27. Wave height 1.4 period 12 barometer 1018-1016.

High Tide 02.45 Low Tide 08.59.


NW gusting 4 swinging late in the morning to a NE gusting 7. Sunny with a max of 27. Wave height 1.2-1.4 period 6 barometer 1020-1016.

High Tide 03.23 Low Tide 09.35.  Full moon Spring tide.


NW gusting 5 swinging to a NE gust 7 by lunch time. Sunny with a max of 28. Wave height 1.4 period 17 barometer 1017-1013.

High Tide 03.58 Low Tide 10.08.


NW gusting 6 swinging to a S gusting 4 before settling to a SE gusting 6 for the remainder of the day. Partly cloudy with a max of 29. Wave height 1.3 period 16 barometer 1013-1010.

High Tide 04.30 Low Tide 10.39.



The lagoon was busy with anglers over the weekend and most caught fish, not very big ones but fun all the same. Most common species seem to have been Grunters and River Bream. A very small Kob was also caught which was good as they have not been caught for a while. Coming up to spring tide tomorrow should make for good fishing sessions in the next few evenings. The water is clean and we think the big Kob will come into the system.


We had 17 anglers in the competition and a lot of fish were caught including a crab in the surf, the biggest numbers of Spinners seem to have been caught on the Banks. The winning fish of 80cm was caught north of Doggies. The guys who fished the morning session timed it right as the wind picked up late morning they had a good crack at the fish although the winning fish was caught late afternoon after the wind died down. Yesterday there was a side wash of note which spoilt the fishing some guys did try but soon packed up. The casting comp went ahead and was won by Michael giving him his second win of the weekend.


Ski boat

The sand banks seem to have built up as back as the stone wall, a boat reported not been able to get to the mouth during mid-tide, not good news at all. We saw a boat out on Saturday but we don’t know if they got anything.

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