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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 12 July 2018

Fishing Report 12 July 2019

Weather for the weekend.


SW gusting 24 for most of the day. Partly Cloudy with a max 21 some rain is forecast for the evening. Wave height 1.1-2.3 period 11-8 barometer 1012-1020. Nice big climb.

High Tide 00.01 Low 06.27.


NW gusting 7 swinging to a NE gusting 15 in the afternoon. Partly cloudy with a max of 25. Wave height 1.8-2.2 period 10-16 barometer 1021-1016.

High Tide 01.07 Low 07.29


NE gusting 5 swinging slightly to a NNE guesting 19. Sunny with a max of 26. Wave height 1.7 period 17 barometer 1018-1016.

High Tide 02.00 Low 08.18


After a quiet weekend with not much fish been caught the fish came back on the bite and the guys fishing Drop Shot got quite a few small Black Tip Kingfish as well as River Gurnard and small Kob fishing from the picnic areas and near the mouth. River Bream were abundant with some very nice size ones been caught, we ask that you put them back as they are breeding at the moment. Early in the week a Shad was caught in the main car park so it your hook gets bitten off they could be the culprit.




Tickets are on sale for the Spinner Competition tomorrow, the secrete numbers will be here later this morning. Conditions and tides are looking good for the early morning and late afternoon anglers, we have extended the area to include the Shangri-La Beach as well as the banks, and this will enable anglers to take advantage of the deeper water at those 2 spots. Fishing over the last 2 days have been good with Spinners been landed and some are a decent size, it is not long and they will be heading out to deeper waters. As of the 1 August you may not keep sharks caught in the MPA or use them as bait, you may catch them but you must release them period see Gazette 42479 point 8 (4) . When fishing on Wednesday Kaylee caught a River Gurnard in the Surf, this is the first time I have seen one come in from the surf, it is still out there, got to be a candidate for fish of the month.


Ski Boat

Some guys went out on Wednesday and besides seeing a Wondering Albatross resting up, managed to catch quite a few fish, mainly Kob, Marcel and Pierre struggled to get out on their Jet Skies and as we know they are in and out of the mouth weekly, it is getting shallow so take care. The MPA comes into being in a few weeks’ time will not really effect most anglers except no more night fishing in the MPA and you may only catch a shark from the beach, how they going to tell sharks to stop biting bait is beyond me as you are not allowed to catch them from a boat and as we know it is not practical to cut your line every time you hook a shark (this is what the law requires), this will remain a grey area, personally if you can bring it to the boat and remove the hook if possible and let it continue on its merry way.

Next events.
We are running a Spinner Shark competition on the 13 July fishing from 6am to 6 pm, you can fish for the whole 12 hours or for as long as you would like. Spinners feed around the banks and will take any fishy bait i.e. Sard, Mackerel and Bonnies etc. Entry fee is R15.00 per angler which goes towards the meat hamper to be handed out on Sunday morning at 10am.

The Honorary Officers  for the Siyayi Park are having a Golf Day on the 13th of July 2019  to do some fund raising to support the good work they do. At the shop we are collecting donations to hand in at the golf day, the money will be used to buy fuel for extra anti-poaching patrols your support will be gratefully received.

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