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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 8 July 2019

Fishing Report 8 July 2019


NE gusting 6 before swinging to an E gusting 12. Partly cloudy with a max of 24. Wave height 2.9-1.7 period 12 barometer 1018-14015-1018.

High Tide 07.44 Low Tide 01.33


NW gusting 4 swinging to a SW gusting 7 Sunny with a max of 23. Wave height 1.5-2 period 14 barometer 1019-1018.

High Tide 08.41 Low Tide 02.31.  Neap Tide Today.


NW gusting 5 briefly swinging to a NE gusting 6 before settling to a SE gusting 4 for the remainder of the day. Sunny with a max of 28. Wave height 1.6-1.4 period 12 barometer 1017-1014.

High Tide 09.52 Low Tide 03.41.


NW gusting 4 then swings to ta NE gusting 16 by the later afternoon. Sunny with a max of 27. Wave height 1.3-1.7 period 11-15 barometer 1018-1011. Nice drop.

High Tide 11.21 Low Tide ----.



As quiet as the surf fishing was it seemed the lagoon although free of side wash was just as uneventful as we have had no reports of fish being of size or noteworthy been landed and it was not for the lack of trying as there were quite a few anglers trying their luck.


2 good reasons to come to Mtunzini this weekend, the Spinner comp on Saturday and the casting comp on Sunday, see below. Fishing was a nightmare over the weekend with rough seas on Saturday and a side wash of note on both days, about the most exciting event was an angler getting a hook stuck in his finger, fortunately the surgery was open and the Doctor could remove it followed by a nice shot of Tetanus. His hand slipped while tying a knot I quote “I bad lapse in concentration” he is on the mend and was fishing on the lagoon yesterday.

Ski boat

Nothing to report

Next events.

We are running a Spinner Shark competition on the 13 July fishing from 6am to 6 pm, you can fish for the whole 12 hours or for as long as you would like. Spinners feed around the banks and will take any fishy bait i.e. Sard, Mackerel and Bonnies etc. Entry fee is R15.00 per angler which goes towards the meat hamper to be handed out on Sunday morning at 10am. After the prize giving the Mtunzini Rock and Surf club will be holding a casting competition on the main beach there are 2 formats for multiplier casting and one for Scarborough and Grinder, bring you own equipment. This is followed by an bring and braai at the ski boat club.


The Honorary Officers  for the Siyayi Park are having a Golf Day on the 13th of July 2019  to do some fund raising to support the good work they do. At the shop we are collecting donations to hand in at the golf day, the money will be used to buy fuel for extra anti-poaching patrols your support will be gratefully received.


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