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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 3 March 2017

Weather forecast for this weekend.


This is from midday today. Max temp 31. Wind is a gentle ENE dying down into the evening. Barometer currently at 1001 rising to 1005, swell 1.1m wave period 12.


Max temp 26, slightly cooler day and I suspect going to be humid. Gentle SW swinging slowly through the day to a SE, barometer starting at 1003 rising to 1005 Swell remaining at 1.1m but the wave period drops from 10-9 i.e. getting slightly choppier but not a train smash.


Max temp 32deg NW in the morning swinging to a SW in the afternoon gusting 24knts Barometer rises from 1003 to 1009 .Wave height starts at 1.1m rising to 1.8 and wave period starts at 8 settling to 16.


Starting to settle after the rain although it remains very full, not heard of anything decent caught this week so why not have a go and be the first, try get up to the stone wall on the incoming tide.


Silver Cob or Square Tail Cob as well as Snappers have been on the bite from Tuesday evening without fail. The outlook for tomorrow and this evening is looking good with similar conditions best spots are in front of the Chalets, Siyayi and Doggies. Don’t discount targeting Diamonds as the water colour favours them.

Ski Boat.

Wednesday night the boats that went out were well rewarded with fish for the pot but the game fish eluded them and on Thursday things did not get much better however this morning the guys that went out were back in early with one boat getting quota in under a hr ( mainly Square tail Kop). Saturday is a good fishing day as is Sunday morning early and it looks like most of the boats going out tomorrow are targeting game fish and scooping a few bottoms on the way back.

New products on the way.

Castrol 2 stroke oil and various other Castrol products, we busy setting up the dealership agreement. We are having a problem with the suppliers and their new software so there is a delay in receiving our stock, it should be here on Tuesday (not that our shelves are bare mainly top up stock and a few new lines). On the bait front I collected a whole lot of Sugar Mac and we have only 20 packets left.

Tight lines.

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