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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 07 June 2019

Fishing Report 03 June 2019

Weather for the weekend.


SW gusting 13 first thing then swings to a NE gusting 19. Partly cloudy with some early morning rain. Wave height 2.9-2.6 period 15 barometer 1022-1018.

High Tide 06.11 Low ----.


W gusting 7 swinging to a SW gusting 1 by the early afternoon. Partly cloudy with a max of 23. Wave height 1.7 period13 barometer 1019-1025.

High Tide 07.01 Low 00.44.


NE gusting 9 gusting24 by the evening. Sunny with a max of 23. Wave Height 2.3 period 15 barometer 1028-1019.

High Tide 08.01 Low 01.43.


There are reports about a lot of prawn activity in the lagoon and if you see prawns been shoaled use an artificial prawn and retrieve it slowly though the area of activity failing that use a live one and see what is chasing the prawns. It seems the Kob in the lagoon are getting bigger, earlier on in the week I saw a picture of one caught in the morning nearly making size, live bait will increase your chances of catching one of these fish, they also take artificial lures.


By now most of you will have seen the proposed MPA’s along our coast we are trying to find out what type of fishing will be permitted if at all if anyone can assist with a document from Dept of Environmental Affairs on the fishing side we would appreciate it. This week the surf has seen plenty of action with small Spinner Sharks taking any bait offered you just have to keep plugging away as amongst them is size Kob and big Shad between 2-5kgs and some Spotted Pompanos. The fish seem to be most active on the incoming water, something we noticed the other day was on dead low the water was very cold in fact unusually cold for this of year and warmed up as the tide came in and with the change in temperature the fish came on the bite every cast produced something.

Ski Boat.

Does not look like a great weekend for fishing due to big seas.

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