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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 27 May 2018

Fishing Report 27 May 2019


NE gusting 9 swinging during the morning to a NNE gusting 12. Sunny with a max of 27. Wave height 1.1 period 13 barometer 1016-1013.

High Tide 09.55 Low Tide 03.50.


W gusting 7 before during the late morning it swings o SW gusting 6. Partly cloudy with a max of 24, rain is forecast in the evening. Wave height .9 period 12 barometer 1018-1015.

High Tide 11.41 Low Tide ----.


SW gusting 17 for most of the day. Sunny with a max of 21. Wave height 1.6-2 period 7-9 barometer 1020-1018.

High Tide 00.25 Low Tide 06.40.


SSW gusting 10 swinging to a SE gusting 6 around midday. Sunny with a max of 22. Wave height 2 period 9 barometer 1019-1015.

High Tide 01.11 Low Tide 07.24.


Nothing of significance was caught over the weekend apart from a lot of different species of juvenile fish and Eel, the crabs seem to have been off the bite although a few were caught. With the Kob size increasing in the surf zone it will not be long before they are going to be caught in the lagoon especially early in the morning and late afternoon into the evening.



Still lots of baby sharks been caught despite there being a strong side wash going in to low tide however it seemed stronger on the left hand side of the main beach than that of the right hand side. On Sunday morning Ivan managed a 72cm (3.62 KG ORI) Squaretail Kob caught to the right on the main beach on a Sard Chokka combo some small Southern Pompano and small sharks were landed. Ben reports from Mboyeni (Amatikulu) there were a lot of small Snapper Kob and Lessor Sand Sharks caught and early in the morning a nice size Kob of plus minus 4kg was caught nice stuff. We are planning a trip tomorrow to Shangri La Beach leaving from the BP at 6am anyone is free to join. Dup just popped into the shop, they fished Shangri La yesterday and caught Pompanos, small Kob and some spinners but the side wash got to them, and they also snapped a rod which helped end the outing.

Ski boat

Louis on Sea Cruiser decided to take his daughter Skye on her first ski boat fishing trip Couta was the intended target but they got none however she still managed a nice Slinger and a double up at that, conditions were not as great as forecast and they returned back to the mouth which was now in low tide and very shallow, Skye is also good at pushing boats over sand banks, another good lesson learnt. Well done on your first trip. I quote from the skipper of Nanook who was also out on Saturday “It would have been more constructive sitting at home drinking beer”. It was a pity fishing was slow as the sea conditions were predicted to be good.

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