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Fishing Report 20 May 2019

Fishing Report 20 May 2019


NE gusting 8 swinging to an E gusting 15 by late afternoon. Sunny with a max of 31. Wave height 1.3-1.2 period 9 barometer 1012-1007.

High Tide 04.24 Low Tide 10.34.


SW gusting 33 first thing then dies down gradually throughout the day to 15. Cloudy with rain forecast throughout the day with a max of 21. Wave height 1.4-2.5 period 7-8 barometer 1014-1019-1018.

High Tide 04.57 Low Tide11.07.


NW gusting 5 swinging to a NE gusting 19 in the afternoon. Sunny with a max of 25. Wave height 1.7-1.3 period 14 barometer 1013-1017.

High Tide 05.29 Low Tide 11.39.


NW gusting 6 swinging around midday to a SW gusting 17. Sunny with a max of 24. Wave height 1.2 period 14 barometer 1013-1017

High Tide 06.01 Low Tide ----.


It seems as though this weekend was the weekend of Scylla Serrata or Giant Mud Crab so I went to google to find out about these fellas and see what they get up. The female lays here eggs at sea but not at the river mouth but up to 50 km out to sea and at depths of us to 300m now that is a long walk she then returns to the estuarine system so maybe they have just come back and are hungry, they are also cannibalistic and will eat a newly moulted neighbour however that is not all they taste very nice in a crab curry, you are allowed 3 per day if caught on a rod and line. In Australia you may not keep females. The best time to catch them is at night as they meant to lay up in the mud during the day.



No Garrick this weekend so far and it was not for the lack of trying, there were live baits out at the mouth both on Saturday and Sunday. Most of the fish caught over the weekend were sharks varying from a few grams to about 15 kg form the sounds of things there were Spinners, Hound Sharks and Black Tips. Jan got a 52cm  Catface Rockcod at the banks and put it in a pool to revive it but it just lay there so he through a Sard head into the pool and it was not long and the Rockcod ate it , at this stage it was deemed to be revived enough and it was released. On Saturday young Yasheen Kallidas landed a 162cm Diamond in front of the Forest Lodge the ORI scale says it weighs 39kg but it does look a bit bigger than that. Bait used was a Mac head with cutlets.

Ski boat

This weekend was a great weekend weather wise for fishing and those that went out caught fish main bottoms caught were Slinger, Squaretail Kob and some nice Rockcod, young Amiel boated a Catface of 4.1kg nice size, on the game fishing side Greg managed 3 Couta in the region of Gerries they weighed between 10-15kg so they are still here, over the weekend fishing from Richards Bay Couta and Dorado were boated apparently by the boats going North, a surprise catch was a Purple Rockcod tipping the scales at 9.1kg.

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