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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 23 April 2019

Fishing Report 23 April 2019


NE gusting 4 before swinging to a SE gusting 6 in the afternoon, rain is forecast in the afternoon. Partly cloudy with a max of 26. Wave height 2.1-2.4 period 9 barometer 1016-1017.

High Tide 05.50 Low Tide 11.58.


NW gusting 4 then swings early in the morning to a NE gusting 19 by the evening. Partly cloudy with a max of 28 with some rain forecast in the evening. Wave height 2.5-2.4 period 9 barometer 1015-1012.

High Tide 06.20 Low Tide 00.11.


NE gusting 8 swing to s SE gusting 13 in the afternoon. Partly cloudy with a max of 25. Wave height 2.1-1.9 period 9 barometer 1009-1012-1010.

High Tide 06.52 Low Tide 00.45.


We have no reports of fish been caught in the lagoon over the weekend although a lot of bait was bought so someone must have caught something. Young Ivan managed a nice Catface Rockcod of 3.5 kg and Martin got a massive Eel in Richards Bay Harbor. It seems with the bad weather from Saturday through till yesterday fishing would have been unpleasant.


I took a group of guys to the banks on Saturday morning and yes the stories are true I left my rod in the shop…… anyway we set up and starting fishing while waiting for the tide to drop we could start wading. There we 2 groups fishing and it was not long before the group next to us landed a very nice size Shad. The NE was pumping but that did not interfere with the fishing. We did manage small Kob and some Snapper with the odd small Shark. Don’t discount fishing the Banks during winter as it also fishes well for edibles. However Friday was the perfect day to fish weather wise and it did not disappoint with 2 Anglers landing Diamonds 1 on the main beach (another lost there as well) and a monster at 215 cm (92 kg ORI) caught by Long Michael on a Shad just South of the Chalets. Fishing took a dive from lunch time on Saturday when the SW screamed through however Saturday evening was fish able and with the rain on Sunday we think most folk packed up and went home. As a consequence we never really got a handle of who got what over the weekend.

Note the pegs , these are used to measure the fish after it has been released giving the measurement a true size.

Ski boat

One boat ventured out over the weekend that we are aware of and managed to catch some very nice Slinger but no Kob or game fish, after trying a few spots they came back in.

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