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Fishing Report 18 April 2019

Fishing Report 18 April 2019

Weather for the weekend.


NE gusting 13 swinging to a NNE gusting 20 by the evening. Sunny with a max of 29. Wave height 1.8 period 12 barometer 1016-1012.

High Tide 03.04 09.14


NE gusting 12 and gradually picks up gusting 24 by the evening. Sunny with a max of 31. Wave height 2-2.3 period 14 barometer 1016-1010.

High Tide 03.40 Low 09.49 full moon spring.


NE gusting 18 then swings to an SW gusting 26 by early afternoon. Sunny with a max of 31. Wave height 2.5-2.3 period 16 barometer 1009-1016.

High Tide 04.14 Low 10.23


S gusting 15 swinging to a SE in the afternoon gusting 11. Rain is forecast all day with a max of 23. Wave height 2.2-2.1 barometer 1018-1016.

High Tide 04.48 Low 10.23


With full moon spring tomorrow there will be a big tidal difference and a lot of water movement, low tide in the morning is another plus because fishing the late afternoon session into the night will produce fish. Yesterday I posted some spots in the 2 main fishing areas if they full follow the road past the slipway and after a few KM you will come back to the river turn right to the steel bridge or left which will bring you back towards the island, walk across the mudflat and fish in the opening of the channel that runs around the back of the island. Don’t be afraid to put big baits out, Malabar Rockcod, Kob, River Snapper will pick them up and if the Shad are in the lagoon they will have a go at it ( they seem the be frequent visitors in the lagoon over the last few weeks and the best time to catch them is in about the mid pushing tide) with the big baits comes decent side Brown Stingrays and our friends the Diamond Rays.


Last night Long Michael and I were talking about wading the best way to go about it and we decided to share it here seeing as Doggies and main beach are quiet flat. When you have a long wave period it is an indication of big swell and casting into a big wave tends to bring the bait towards you if the bait lands on the wave just as it starts to break. The waves come in 2 sets with a “flat” between them. When you arrive at your spot and you starting to unpack watch the waves and count them as set is normally 6 waves. The best time to start your wade is taking the foamy of the last of the big set then wade through the flat timing your cast after the first or second wave of the small set on some beaches you will see anglers actually casting when the wave picks them up, it sounds weird as your feet are not on the ground but with practice and getting your timing right it works ideally with a long wave period you will have enough time to cast with your feet on the ground, don’t be an idiot like me and rush your cast otherwise you will end up getting pummeled by the waves trying to sort an over wind out. Okay enough of that I hear you say but “what is coming out?” If you casting in the dunes nothing however those with a sense of direction and fish in the water will be rewarded with Shad, Kob and Snapper Kob. Please please put the Kob back unless over 60cm even if they are 58cm I know it is tempting but we need to ensure the survival of the species and give them a chance to breed, Males breed at 60cm and females at 90cm and you may only have 1 when fishing from the side in KZN. Noneds, at the moment the main species are Diamond Rays however it is time for us to catch other species it is a matter of targeting them, big bloody baits like Bonnies or Mac’s will work and so will Shad between 30-35cm. At the moment I will be fishing the Banks on Saturday morning please join us if you would like to. I have been asked to take some holiday makers who have never been there before, should be fun.

Ski Boat.


The wave height at the moment as indicated will make for rough and bumpy fishing however if we judge the weather by this past week the waves were pretty small and the sea was relatively flat. We have charters booked but the decision to go out or not will be taken on the day. We have no reports of fish been caught this week in our local waters however they guys fishing to the North of Richards Bay have been catching nice size game fish mainly Couta and Dorado.

Next events.

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