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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 15 April 2019

Fishing Report 15 April 2019


SW gusting 22 by the late afternoon partly cloudy with rain forecast most of the remainder of the day, max temp 25. Wave height 1.4-1.8 period 8-10 barometer 1008-1010.

High Tide 00.49 Low Tide 07.06


SW gusting 7 swinging late afternoon to S gusting 19. Partly cloudy with rain forecast in the morning and evening with a max of 24. Wave height 1.4-1.9 period 9 barometer 1009-1015 ( a nice rising barometer)

High Tide 01.43 Low Tide 07.56.


A day of many winds, first thing we have a SW gusting 10 then during the morning it swings to a SE gusting 4 before settling to an E gusting 9 for the rest of the day. Partly cloudy with some rain forecast and a max of 23. Wave height 2-2.2 period 8-13 barometer 1017-1015.

High Tide 02.25 Low Tide 08.37.


I will be doing an Easter report on Thursday morning for the weekend.


Well done to the parks board for another successful anti-poaching patrol and recovered some nets but sadly they had a lot of dead fish in them. 2 boats had some fun with Diamonds (or maybe they were Brown Skates) in the mouth area but lost both fish. Shad were in the lagoon but no catches were reported, they seem to be making regular appearances and even take small live bait. The tides this week suit the morning session the best.


The main beach fished well over the weekend with reports the guys droning on Saturday got 2 Diamonds, one of 1.85m and one of 2m, Prof managed to hook into a Duckbill Ray and that gave him a nice workout. Shad making size were caught in numbers and there are small Kob amongst them, let’s do the right thing and throw them back. Deadman’s at Port Dunford as always produced some Diamonds and I believe some nice Shad were caught on the Shangri La beach, No news from the Banks and Lucky Dip was busy as usual. Doggies is very shallow which is great fun for the wading guys to test their skill. The Shad been caught even though they are making size they are very thin, rather put them back so they can fatten up a bit.

Ski boat

There are 2 obstructions in the channel when you cross from the Stone Wall till you are in the mouth, one is a submerged log midday between the Stone Wall and the south bank and in the mouth itself is a partially submerged gill net an angler cut as much of it up as he could, this can be a dangerous situation so be on the lookout for other nets been strung across the mouth, I have reported the net to the parks board to see if they can use a vehicle to drag it out. On the fishing side some nice catches of Snapper Kob have been made and some other bottoms, no reports of game fish in local waters.

Next events.

Beach Blast

This weekend is Beach Blast takes place mainly on the main beach and is free for kids from grade 1 to 7. All activities have adult supervision. They have 2 sessions per day and each session has a different themed game, great fun.

We have an 8 sleeper house (can sleep 10 as it has 2 double beds) should a group want to hire it, it is self-catering with ample bait storage space

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