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Fishing Report 1 April 2019

Fishing Report 1 April 2019


NE gusting 7 before swing to a SW gusting 21 reaching its peak late afternoon at 32. Partly cloudy with rain forecast in the evening, max 27. Wave height 1.9-3.3 period 14-9 barometer 1005-1016.

High Tide 02.12 Low Tide 08.13


SW gusting 14 for most of the day with some rain forecast in the morning. Cloudy with a max of 20. Wave height 3.2-2.2 period 12 barometer 1020-1018.

High Tide 02.40 Low Tide 08.42.


NE gusting 9 before swinging to a NNE gusting 22 in the afternoon. Partly cloudy with a max of 27. Wave height 2 period 13 barometer 1017-1011.

High Tide 06.06 Low Tide 09.10.


NE gusting 20 dropping in the afternoon to 7. Partly cloudy with max of 34. Wave height 2.1-1.8 period 12 barometer 1007-999.

High Tide 03.31 Low Tide 09.36.


Fishing had mixed results for most, some people did not even catch a River Bream however they managed other species. It seems as though small Shad were in the area to the left of the slipway as anglers reported of big bites on the whole Sard but they did not take the Sard therefore missing the hooks. An interesting catch over the weekend appears to be a Glossogobius Callidus or River Goby, this is a new one to us and will go on the list of Species we have in the lagoon.


The Wading Banks as they used to be called is not a very easy place to fish at the best of times and if you are not careful you can get into trouble as I did on Saturday morning. I was fishing with Shane and his team mates from the Shimano Angling club in Durban anyway Shane and I had just baited up and decided to walk down the beach to find another bank to fish off, this was going to be our last through as the water was pushing in. We found a good spot and started wading in and the water got deeper and deeper and when a big swell came over the bank my feet could not touch the ground, I was just short of the bank when I got pick up by the side was and was been swept away (I did not think to use my rod as break because all I could think of was to get out of this mess before I got to the rip between the banks and I would have been swept out to sea.) Luckily I got swept into a shallower part of the trough and I could touch the bottom and using the waves to help I managed to get out of the current, it was not fun at all. The annoying thing was Shane had called me back a few seconds before and I told him no I am almost on the bank, no sooner as I said that I was in trouble. As Shane said afterwards “if you have to take a risk to fish don’t do it”, lesson well learnt. Thank you Shane. 4 Diamonds came out at the banks over the weekend, 1 Saturday and 3 on Sunday. Main beach and Doggies produced edibles mainly Spotted Pompano most of which were big enough to eat. Some anglers who passed through the shop yesterday headed for Amatikulu and Port Dunford but I did not get any feedback from any of them.


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Recently the main type of Game fish been caught seem to be Yellow Fin Tuna with the odd Couta, the guys are going to fish hard this weekend. Good Luck to all for the Couta Classic.

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