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Fishing Report 24 February 2017

Fishing Report 24 Feb 2017

Weather forecast for this weekend.


Good morning for fishing with the sea settling and plenty of colour in the water, barometer starts at 1012 dropping off to 1010 early afternoon, Gentle SW turning to a NE in the afternoon gusting 12kts by the afternoon.


Day starts off with a gentle NE swinging to a SW bringing rain in the evening, the low pressure that brought all the rain this week is still sitting off the coast and is bringing all this rain.


Great fishing barometer reading for the day starting at 1012 rising to 1015 midday dropping off to 1012 early evening. But the SW starts off gusting 24kts and gradually dropping off during the day. Rain forecast all morning till early afternoon.


The lagoon is flooding and is very murky, watching the guys netting yesterday at the mouth confirms my suspicion that there is too much fresh water in the lagoon and the fish have moved off. Expect a quiet fishing weekend, you should be able to catch fresh water barbles.


With the surf being as it was, we have not heard of anyone who braved the weather apart from Monday morning when a Giant Guitar Fish of about 10kg was landed. The beach in the Doggies and Old Ramp area is full of blue bottles, fortunately they are lying above the high tide mark but still be cautious when wading in case not all have been washed up. Port Dunford would be the best place to fish due to the river flooding we suspect the mouth area to be full of Sharks. The channel that ran out of the mouth along the beach has closed as the mouth is flowing directly out to sea. I put some pictures up on the FB page.

Ski Boat.

The sea was in a mess all week but is settling down nicely and over the weekend it looks like tomorrow is the best day, the Shop boat is going out or is planning to go out. The river mouth has a lot of water in it and it is a straight launch, the area all the way up to the wreck has very discoloured water as is a lot of the bay but it is clearing up compared to earlier on in the week but will not do so by tomorrow so if you going fishing be prepared for a long ride.


Tight lines.

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