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Fishing Report 25 March 2019

Fishing Report 25 March 2019


NE gusting 8 first thing then the wind swings to a SW gusting 23 by the afternoon. Partly cloudy with a max of 23, rain is forecast in the evening. Wave height 1.7-2.1 period 12 barometer reasonably steady at 1007.

High Tide 06-19 Low Tide 00.04


SW gusting 21 first thing then gradually drops during the day gusting 12. Rain is forecast all day a max of 21. Wave height 2.3 -2.2 period 9 barometer 1013-1019.

High Tide 06.50 Low Tide 00.35.


NE gusting 8 picking up to 20 by the late afternoon. Partly cloudy with rain forecast in the morning and a max of 25.Wave height 2-2.4-2.2 period 16-14, barometer 1019-1014.

High Tide 07.22 Low Tide 01.08.


NE gusting 19 then during the late morning it swings to an E gusting 11 before swinging late in the day to a SW gusting 28. Sunny skies with a max of 34, rain is forecast in the evening. Wave height 2-1.7 period 13 barometer 1009-1005-1010.

High Tide 08.04 Low Tide 01.48 Neap Tide.


Yet another log weekend has gone buy and we left with overweight and well fed fish, while we have a few reports on decent size catches these where mainly Shad so folk managed to catch some biggish Spotted Grunter they just did not make size. When fishing for River Bream don’t cast too far as they feed very close in as the guys who watched the locals cast netting across the river can confirm, we tend to cast over them. Don’t be shy to use big baits and big hooks in the lagoon and use some backing to keep the “pekkers” at you bait this helps attract the bigger fish and be patient.


Whilst this did not happen here but at Cape Vidal an Angler caught a Couta from the side, this does not happen often so it must have been a welcome surprise. What happen in our waters over the weekend? Not a lot when one compares the fishing to the weekend before, some Diamonds came out on main and Doggie beach and an Angler got bust up by a Shark on Doggies but that was not the least of his troubles, he forgot his phone in his pocket and when he casted the phone went flying out landing in the water. Another angler targeting Shad on his 12 ft. Shad stick got picked up by a Diamond which gave him a hiding of note needless to say it was not beached. On Main Beach around lunch time a 70kg Diamond was landed, well done that Angler. Weed played it role at all spots especially the banks, we have no reports of fish been caught there. I see during the week some Diamonds were landed at Port Dunford area but have no news from what happed over the weekend. On the edible side some decent size Spotted Pompano were caught and some very small Southern Pompano.


Ski boat

It seems like only Kob were caught in our waters over the weekend with no reports of game fish been caught, maybe with the Couta Classic coming up the anglers are keeping the catches close to their chest, I did here over the weekend Nanook had got some Couta at Gerries a short while back and it seems as though all the Couta been caught this season are from that area.

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