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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 23 March 2018

Fishing Report 23 March 2019

Weather for the weekend.


NE gusting 8 swinging to an E gusting 19 for the afternoon. Sunny with a max of 28, Wave height 1.6 period 13 barometer 1017-1013.

High Tide 05.15 Low 11.22


NE gusting 17 reaching a peak of 24 by the evening. Partly cloudy with a max of 32. Wave height 1.8-2 period 14 barometer 1013-1005.

High Tide 05.48 Low 11.54


Shad are back in the lagoon and making size, this explains why on Wednesday we had 3 Anglers in the shop complaining they had lost lures to fish as first we thought it could be Pickhandle Barracuda but hearing Shad have been caught it could well have been them. There are literally millions of small River Bream gobbling on the baits, if you don’t want to catch them use bigger bait with a Chokka backing to attract the small River Bream and keep them pecking at your bait and hopefully the big Rockcod will come investigate and them bang you are on. We did have a heavy down pour last night and let’s hope it was not enough to turn the water orange. An Angler got spooled twice one evening this week, one they say was defiantly a flat fish but the other they say must have been a big fish as it was fighting on top of the water.


Although Diamonds were caught in the week it was nothing like last weekend, when we looked at the weather earlier in the week it looked like Sunday afternoon/ Monday morning would possibly produce a number of Diamonds but typically as the weekend approached the “good weather” moved away. There are a lot of small in the surf which have not been around for the last few months, they are sub 40 with a lot of them sub 30, a 30 to 35cm Shad makes very good live bait. On a sad note on Saturday night some people fishing in front of the main beach left an absolute mess behind, beer bottles, bait boxes, Steers Burger boxes, fishing line etc. this is not cool as the parks board staff had to clean up after you, please take your rubbish with you, even the kids that attend my clinics know not to leave rubbish behind, “it hurts the fishies”. We have 2 days of dropping barometers so the outlook for fishing this weekend is looking good.

Ski boat.

Nothing to report at this stage however today the conditions are looking good so far.


Next events.

We have taken delivery of Bait Casters, I have made some up as a unit or you can buy the packs and build your own, We also took the opportunity to get a different style of bait clip in, this new style should equal to a better success rate of the bait dislodging from the clip after the cast. In the readymade packs we have included a sinker clip.
We have an 8 sleeper house (can sleep 10 as it has 2 double beds) should a group want to hire it, it is self-catering with ample bait storage space.

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