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Fishing Report 15 March 2019

Fishing Report 15 March 2019

Weather for the weekend.


I have just got back from the beach and it is very hot with no wind at all, the NE is forecast gusting 4 before swinging to a NNE gusting 16 by the evening. Sunny with a max of 30. Wave height 1.4 period 12 barometer 1015-1013.

High Tide 09.50 Low 02.51


NE gusting 10 swinging to a NNE gusting 21 by early evening. Sunny with a max of 31. Wave height 1.3-1.5 period 14 barometer 1012-1007. For the barometer angler today is the day.

High Tide ---- Low 05.41


NE gusting 12 swing to a NNE by the afternoon gusting 16. Sunny with a max of 34. Wave height 1.5-1.8 period 12. 1006-1001.

High Tide 01-09 Low 07.21


Seems to be rather quiet for the last few days but we think the fish will have built up and appetite and will require a serious amount of food over the weekend, it is going to be hot and we have good tides in the morning with incoming water almost for sun up. To fish the mouth area very early in the morning will be the spot to be then move slowly inland as the river fills up, I would go as far as the last corner before the N2.



The weather looks good for a last go at the Diamonds especially on Sunday being the notorious day 3 of NE. I was down on the beach this morning and the guys were catching Shad, Snapper Kob and Pompano. It was very hot down there with no wind so if you are going down today and over the weekend stock up with water. I am going to post some picture of what the main beach area looks like and where the gap is in the banks. My informants fished 2nd stream and Port Dunford itself last night and managed a few small sharks Hammers and Spinners. The banks should be a good spot to fish from Midday over the weekend.

Ski boat.

Firstly is launching or returning to the main beach beware there are 2 logs in the shore break, I did show the parks board this morning and asked if they can please get the tractor and pull them us the beach. One log is partially embedded in the sand and the other is further south rolling in the surf, the embedded one is right in the way of where we come out. A lot of guys have gone out today all targeting Couta and getting some much needed practice for the upcoming Couta Classic, the weather for the weekend looks good and from land the water colour is not to shabby.


Next events.
We have an 8 sleeper house (can sleep 10 as it has 2 double beds) should a group want to hire it, it is self-catering with ample bait storage space.


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