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Fishing Report 11 March 2019

Fishing Report 11 March 2019


SE gusting 6 swinging to an E this afternoon gusting 11. Partly cloudy with a max of 26. Wave height 2.4-2.2 period 13 Barometer 1016-1013.

High Tide 06.12 Low Tide ----.


NE gusting 8 then in the afternoon swings to an E gusting 16 partly cloudy with a max of 30. Wave height 1.9 period 12 barometer 1014-1009.

High Tide 06.42 Low Tide 00.27.


NE gusting 15 swinging during the late morning to an E gusting 22. Partly cloudy with a max f 32. Wave height 1.8-2.1 period 17 barometer 1010-1006. Note when we have a big period it usually means the swells are over 3m be careful.

High Tide 07.19 Low Tide 00.59.


NE gusting 6 swinging during the afternoon to an E gusting 10. Partly cloudy with a max of 10. Wave height 1.9-1.7-1.8 period 15-13 barometer 1010-1015.

High Tide 08.10 Low Tide 01.40.


Although big rains were forecast yesterday this did not happen so the river colour is unchanged, just like the surf zone fishing was quiet, in fact for a weekend the lagoon area did not have many people fishing and I have no reports of boats on the lagoon making catches. However Murphy’s Law after the report is published someone will report a good catch hahahaha.


Puffers and very big ones have made an appearance on the main beach as Martin found out to his horror yesterday morning. He said he also dropped some nice bites when he had his rod in his pension pipe and we teased him they were not big Shad but big puffers. Last Thursday night 2 Diamonds and a Sandy were landed at the Banks but apart from that it was quiet weekend. In front of the Forest Lodge some small Sharks were landed but no edibles over the weekend. We have a NE blowing with hot days for most of the week which should result in better catches been made.

Ski boat

Fishing was very slow over the weekend both from here and Richards Bay I believe out of the 9 boats that went out of Meer en See 1 caught 1 fish. I think with the forecast for Sunday looking like rain and wind we only know of one boat who fished an early session but no reports of catches were made.

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