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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 10 March 2019

Fishing Report 08 March 2019

Weather for the weekend.


SW all day gusting 20 at its peak this afternoon. Rain is forecast during the day with a max of 25. Wave height 1.4-1.2 period 14 barometer 1010.

High Tide 04.51 Low 10.55


SSW gusting 9 swinging to a SSE gusting 10 during the late morning. Partly cloudy with some rain first thing and a max of 29. Wave height 1.7-2 period 13-10 barometer 1012-1008.

High Tide 05.17 Low 11.22


NE gusting 8 before swinging to an E in the afternoon gusting 12. Partly cloudy with rain forecast for much of the day with a max of 28. Wave height 2-2.2 period 14 barometer 1011-1014.

High Tide 05.43 Low 11.50


The crabs seem to be back from Spawning (they spawn in the sea) or from molting but good catches of very good size crabs are been made, you may keep 3 per day if caught on rod and line, makes traps for them is a big No No. In order to legally have crabs in your position you need to “tick” box 8 on your fishing license for those that have bothered to get one, let’s not go there, this is a sore point to many anglers as we are not getting our money worth especially in KZN where marine poaching is rampant. DAFF are just not up to it at all and the minority of them who are trying just cannot cover the ground.


It seems as though all the “Spots” have sanded up making fishing tricky however if you like impersonating submarines ( Wading) this is the best time to come fish here, the surf has sanded up and you can really get out deep, I quote “ you can wade so far on the main beach it is like fishing the banks”. I enjoy a bit of wading however always on the back of my mind is waiting for a tug on my leg especially when wading with a Mac head and Bonnie cutlets and that blood is dripping in the water……. What is going on anyway despite the surf conditions, Rats and Mice (they are everywhere) and a Diamond at the Banks, Shangri-La beach seems to be the place for big Shad, Main Beach and Doggies a lot of small Kob as well as the odd Snapper Kob. We seem to be into our winter type fishing and if you want to catch big flatties I suggest you dust of the pension pipe and take 2 rods with you, one to scratch with and one to put out a juicy bait and leave it in the pipe.

Ski boat.

After the Cape to Rio last weekend it is not surprising only 2 boats went out during the week. Nanook headed north from Richards Bay, we not sure what they got and locally Pierre went out on his Jet Ski to catch a few bottoms for some friends he is seeing on his way to Namibia for a 2 week fishing trip ( safe travels). Pierre while out at sea for a short trip managed some Kob, Slinger and a very nice size Rockcod. The early entry for the Couta Classic has closed and so far 25 boats and 76 anglers have registered, with more expected closer to the time.


Next events.

We have taken delivery of Bait Casters, I have made some up as a unit or you can buy the packs and build your own, We also took the opportunity to get a different style of bait clip in, this new style should equal to a better success rate of the bait dislodging from the clip after the cast. In the readymade packs we have included a sinker clip.
We have an 8 sleeper house (can sleep 10 as it has 2 double beds) should a group want to hire it, it is self-catering with ample bait storage space.

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