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Fishing Report 18 February 2019

Fishing Report 18 February 2019


Right now we have a gentle SW gusting at about 3 kts with a fine drizzle. Cloudy with a max of 26. Wave height 2.2-1.2 period 7 Barometer 1013-1012.

High Tide 003.03 Low Tide 09.08.


W gusting & then late morning it swings briefly to a SE gusting 5 before turning to an E gusting 10. Sunny with a max of 27. Wave height 1.5-1.8 period 9 barometer 1013-1009.

High Tide 03.45 Low Tide 09.51. Full moon spring.


NE gusting 19 swinging during the morning to as ENE gusting 24. Sunny with a max of 34. Wave height 1.9-2.3 period 10 barometer 1007-1001.

High Tide 04.25 Low Tide 10.31.


SW gusting 19 swinging to an S gusting 10 by midday before settling as an E gusting 10. Partly cloudy with a max of 28. Wave height 2.1-1.9 period 11 barometer 1015-1013.

High Tide 05.04 Low Tide 11.09.


The river has settled down and has produced some very nice size River Snapper, Bream and Flathead or Bartail. The Slipway area seems to be the hot spot at the moment , the tides are good for late afternoon into the evening sessions, bearing in mind the tide is over an hr different front to beach in the main picnic areas due to the fact they are located about 6km inland. Because we are in the spring high cycle we expect with the big tidal difference fishing to be good. A point of interest, these are the following types of baits you can use to catch River Bream: Chicken Hearts and Liver, Live Mullet or Glassies, Artificial lures, Cheddar Cheese, Prawns live and dead, Sardine, Baby Squid, Chokka, Bread, Mackerel  can anyone name some more baits?


Another slow weekends fishing however the guys from Team Gauteng Central I think it was managed to get a Diamond and I think they were the only ones fishing in our waters to catch one, The Banks produced a few small Sharks and we are not sure what happed in the Port Dunford area. There are still big Shad around but no little ones yet I wonder if the Diamonds ate them. Using Sea Lice or Ghost Crabs will get you very decent sized Southern or Longfin Pompanos cast in front of the shore break to target these.


Ski boat

After the excitement of the Snoek during the week, Saturday saw a few boats go out, fishing was slow and hard going with not many bottoms caught , the water was very clam and a bit cold I believe. Nigel told me he saw 2 birds diving and not at the same time so he went to see what was going on each occasion although he tried spooning there was nothing there. 2 boats came in during the late afternoon but I did not get a chance to see what they caught, we hope they got fish as they were out for a long time.

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