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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 20 Feb 2017

Fishing Report 20 Feb 2017

Weather forecast for this week.


Rain forecast all day with a South wind blowing up to 20knts gives us a bumpy sea and a side wash on the beach. Not a good day.


No let-up in the rain although there is a good barometer reading the sea is too unsettled to fish, the swell is 2.5m plus and S gusting 32 not fun. Side wash in the surf still present, we got 7oz Grapnels for sale…….


Here we start to get a break, the swell starts dropping and we have a good barometer sitting around 1013, temperatures start rising and the wind drops during the day from gusting 16kts to 7 in the evening. Side wash starts dissipating.

Good fishing from Friday for the next few days.


Some fun was had at the lagoon on Friday and Saturday with quite a few anglers getting spooled, a Nice honey of 5kg was landed on very light tackle after a hectic fight, well done that man.


For some reason the surf was dead quiet, even my escapade came to naught on Saturday afternoon, whilst Doggies was packed nothing worthwhile mentioning was landed. Plenty of peckers were about chomping merrily away and all the Grey Headed Gulls were well fed.

Ski Boat.

Friday was the day to be out for Bottoms with some very nice Rock Cod boated but regetably no game fish, they seem to be far a few and we can only attribute this to the lack of bait fish including small Bonnies, which results in no bird activity. On Saturday morning the NSRI came through the village sirens blazing towing their rubber duck. This is why they were there, a guy flipped a Jet Ski in the mouth and a bystander fearing the worst summons them (good thinking) however in the interim his friend managed to assist and got him and both craft safely on the beach. Salute to the NSRI Richards Bay team for reacting and the speed in which they arrived after the call out.


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