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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 11 February 2019

Fishing Report 11 February 2019


SSW gusting 6 swinging to an S briefly before the wind settles to a SW gusting 10 for the remainder of the day. Partly cloudy with a max of 29. Wave height 1.3 period 13 barometer 1007-1005.

High Tide 07.14 Low Tide 00.54.


NE gusting 10 first thing swing to a SE gusting 7. Partly cloudy with some rain forecast in the evening and a max of 31. Wave height 1.5 period 12 barometer 1004-1001.

High Tide 07.55 Low Tide 01.29.


SW gusting 21 with rain forecast all day max temp 24. Wave height 1.5-1.9 period 11 barometer 1006-1011.

High Tide 08.55 Low Tide 02.15


SW gusting 14 partly cloudy with some rain max 23. Wave height 1.7-1.4 period 11 Barometer 1015-1017-1015.

High Tide 10.38 Low Tide 03.33


Fishing was slow for some and others caught nothing, still lots of prawns in the lagoon and by sounds of things the slipway seems the hot spot. Whoever made a fire on the slipway on Saturday night please do the good thing when you done and clean your mess up, don’t expect the boat owners to do it for you. We often have reports of people who are spinning their vehicles on the mud flats, this is very reckless as the mud flats are a very important part of the estuarine system, it is not cool.


While fishing was slow over the weekend especially yesterday there were still catches of big Shad to be had, at Port Dunford (Shangri-La Beach) Mtunzini main beach and Doggies area, an angler managed a small Giant Guitar fish of 12 kg which gave him a nice fight, apparently he was targeting edibles so that came as a nice surprise. Ben reported on his arrival at Port Dunford a club angler had just landed a Shad of 4kg although fishing was slow they managed a 4.2kg and a 3.7 kg Shad both caught with Mac’s from the shop on a bung rig. Yesterday to the right of the main beach we fished in cold water however the draw back was the water was very clean and the surf was so small we had no working water all, it was like dam fishing with the only wave break was on the water’s edge, we were only getting “snail bites”. Barry fishing to the left of us managed a Brown Sting Ray for the rest of his trip he got nothing.

Ski boat

Nothing to report as we do not know of anyone who went out, Nigel has just left on his jet ski to fish the wreck area, I look forward to his report. We have had a lot of organizations contact us ref the shark incident and Stefan has been contacted by them but the most interesting contact made was from a group doing research in the USA who want to take DNA samples of the shark as they are studding sharks that bite boats or have incidents with humans.

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