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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 8 February 2019

Fishing Report 08 February 2019

Weather for the weekend.


NE gusting 21 sunny with a max of 33. Wave height 1.9-2.2 period 12-7 barometer 1011-1003.

High Tide 05.42 Low 11.45


SW gusting 20 partly cloudy with a max of 28. Wave height 1.5-1.35 period 9 barometer 1008-1010.

High Tide 06.10 Low ----


NE gusting 8 then we have a gentle swing to the NNE gusting 21. Partly cloudy with some rain forecast in the evening with a max of 35. Wave height 1.1-1.6 period 9-6 barometer 1006-1000.

High Tide 06.40 Low 00.24


Water temperature up at the mouth was 31 deg on Wednesday and here we were thinking with the bit of rain we had the temperature would drop, in spite of this some very nice catches of River Snapper were had, the biggest being 4.5kg, Honey Comb Rays and nice size bream we caught. The hot spot seems to be the slipway at the moment, if you fishing on the Slipway itself please note the boats have right of way and this includes the area to the right of the slipway.


The water is still warm and fishing is slow however some very nice catches of big Shad have been made. This morning whilst fishing we saw a shark “finning” in front of the shore break, shortly thereafter we saw a big Shad jump out of the water also in front of the shore break so we were wondering if the shark went after the Shad. I put a bait into the area and it just got pecked, there were 3 of us fishing and it did not matter where the bait was the peckers got to it whole heads came back hollowed out.

Ski boat.

So guys went out on Wednesday and Thursday. On Wednesday there was a lot of shoals of Sprats with Snoek after them but they were not chasing lures. The 2 Lads on fish ski’s had more luck by catching 5 each plus some Kob. Fishing deeper out the boats struggled to get fish and mostly Slinger were caught, one of the Jet Ski’s got a Catface Rockcod, the same guy was sitting in the area (where Stephan had his boat bitten) when he saw something flapping about in the water, when he got there he saw it was a very big shark and in his haste to escape from it he ended up driving over it, we not sure who got the biggest freight.

Next events.
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