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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 25 January 2019

Fishing Report 25 January 2019

Weather for the weekend.


S gusting 2 first thing then during the morning it swings to an E gusting 6. Light rain is forecast all day with a max of 24. Wave height 2 period 10 barometer relatively stable at 1011.

High Tide 06.43 Low 00.22


E gusting 7 first thing then during the morning it swings to a SE gusting 16 by late afternoon. Rain is forecast all day with a max of 21. Wave height 2 period 10 barometer 1013-1015.

High Tide 07.26 Low 00.22


W gusting 3 first thing then swings to a NW early in the morning gusting 2 before swinging to an E during the late morning gusting 16 at its peak. Rian is forecast in the morning then clears up with a max of 26. Wave height 1.6 period 9 barometer 1016-1011.

High Tide 08.12 Low 01.40


There are still a lot of big prawns in the lagoon and the fish are feeding on them like crazy, the spin off on that for the anglers is that there are still Honey Comb Rays and Brown Sting rays to catch in the mouths area here are good catches of Kob to be had and size ones, these Kob are not been caught in the surf zone yet so they must be coming into the lagoon after the prawns. In the mouth area at Amatikulu there are some very big prawns “as big as Crayfish” I am told. The mouth is closed and they are probably trying to go out to sea. So far the rain has not affected the colour of the water in the lagoon, so those brave enough to fish in the rain today and tomorrow, go for it.


4 of us fished the Banks on Tuesday thinking day after spring NE wind with hot temperature all we caught was one little shark however it was good fun getting a line out. This weekend does not look great for fishing for the first part however Sunday the conditions turn for the better with a nice dropping barometer. Fishing for the remainder of this past week was not great as we have not received or heard of any catches been made. After following our little Penguin that washed up a short while ago to its new home and final resting place before she is released, she is now with a NGO called SANCCOB please do not go to their Facebook page or their website as you will end up doing what I did. I adopted a baby penguin, it costs R600.00 for the year it is with them while they train or prepare it to be released, they have lots of Penguins for adoption so here is my challenge, go and adopt one, this organization care for all sea birds and is run with volunteers and need the public to assist with the caring of these animals. I am the proud father of Equinox the 2nd.

Ski boat.

We can write January off as a bad fishing month as between now and the end of next week it does not look like there is a decent gap in the weather, however if conditions stay as forecast next week Friday is looking good.

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