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Fishing Report 2019

Fishing Report 18 January 2019

Weather for the weekend.


NE gusting 15 gradually picking up during the day and peaking at 26kts by the evening. Sunny skies with a max of 34. Wave height 2 period 9 barometer 1004-998.

High Tide 01.30 Low 07.32


SW gusting 28 then gradually drops to 26 by the evening. Rain forecast all day max temp 22. Wave height 2- 3.8 period 9 barometer 1007-1017.

High Tide 02.23 Low 08.25


SW gusting 19 then settling to 13 by early afternoon. Rain forecast all day with a max of 23.Wave height 3-2.3 period 9 barometer 1019.

High Tide 03.10 Low 09.12


A few days ago while fishing in the lagoon young Zane was lucky enough to see this. A big school of Mullet were moving with the tide and right on the surface when much to the anglers amazement 3 Juvenile Zambezi sharks started smashing into them even breaching out of the water in their haste to capture the mullet, never a dull moment at the lagoon. Something else to target as last summer Zane managed to land 2 Juvenile Zambies. Our list of King Fish is growing for this summer, we are now sitting at 3 Species although they are juveniles they give a good account of themselves on light tackle, Black Tip, Brassy and Big Eye. There are plenty of other species actively feeding at the moment.


There has not been many a fishable day this past week however those that did venture out had fun with a variety of small Sharks and some lessor Sand Sharks. A very nice Shad came out at the Chalets yesterday and a few off the beach. Diamonds are still coming out but in drips and drabs one must just be patient. 

Ski Boat.

While sitting at “Adrian’s” catching bottom fish a little bird landed on the trap stick then flew onto one of the other rods while the angler was fighting a fish, the bird flew off, the crew thought it was a Glass Eye, this was about 4km from land. We hope it made it safely back. No game fish was caught on this trip and they guy that charted never the less had fun and said it was one of his best trips ever. Bottoms caught were Soldier, Square Tail Cob, Lantern and Slinger. The only game fish caught in the bay was 2 GT’s of which one was released but the other was gill hooked so that was boated. One of the boats had a Black Tip Shark circling the boat trying to tax the fish and it was a battle to get the fish in as he homed in on them, this time the anglers were too quick for him and no fish was lost to him.

Next events.

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