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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 17 February 2017

Fishing Report 17 Feb 2017

Weather forecast for this week.


Hot Humid, scattered showers and a bit of thunder early afternoon, gentle NE and a good Barometer of 1013, perfect day for fishing ie before and after the storms.


Hot and humid with Temperatures over 35deg gentle N blowing swinging slightly to the east late afternoon. No rain forecast, get that bait out. Barometer remains high.


Wake up and make the other half breakfast then pop out to the shop for a paper. For the diehards rain forecast on and off all day. No major wind and a barometer that is going up and down during the day. If this was winter it would make a good Kob type fishing day.


With the big rain we had on Tuesday the water is very discoloured and hopefully by tomorrow the sea would have flushed it a bit but apart from Monday evening when a nice size rock salmon was caught I estimate 3kg plus the river has been quiet.


Very slow week and to be honest not many guys fished if any, however yesterday today and tomorrow are the best days and I know there are some folks down there now. I am going to have a go tomorrow after I close the shop……watch this space. (you can stop now I won’t fish that long) There is some colour in the water and I hope it discolours more as I am going for a Diamond as first prize.

Ski Boat.

Today and tomorrow are both good days. I am in touch with 2 boats and they both catching, one is doing game and bottoms and the other bottoms only. So far they reporting good catches but yeah as they say ……… we want to see it……… us darn fisherman we always exaggerate too much especially when we doing “Keel Vas” after Boot Vas”.


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