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Fishing Report 11 January 2019

Fishing Report 11 January 2019

Weather for the weekend.


At the moment there is a very gentle breeze blowing from the South, the forecast says by now it should be gusting 6 swing to a SE midday gusting 15 before swinging to a S gusting 30 by the evening. Sunny with a max of 30. Wave height 1.6-1.2 period 7 barometer 1005-997.

High Tide 06.34 Low 00.19


SW gusting 30 first thing but during the morning it swings to an E gusting 12. Partly cloudy with a max of 28. Wave height 1.3-2-3 period 9-6 barometer 997-1006.

High Tide 07.10 Low 00.50


NE gusting 9 swing to an E gusting 10 by mid-morning the wind then swings again during the afternoon to a SE gusting 10. Sunny with a max of 30. Wave height 2.1-1.6 period 15 Barometer 1005-1002-1008.

High Tide 07.53 Low 01.27


Interesting to see the size of the Kob Ken got yesterday in the mouth area, one was 54cm and the other 60cm and a nice Bartail of 64cm. Some nice Slender Moray Eels have been caught recently in excess of 1 m, after an absence of these species for some time now we had thought they had been wiped out of the estuary as they are residence of the system. Hopefully they have come back to breed, as ugly as they are one must respect them as they are equally important in establishing the estuarine system. The Honeycomb Rays are still feeding on the sand bank to the North of the slipway, please do not turn them over when removing the hooks as this can cause damage to their internal organs.


Fishing has been slow as we still have cold water in the surf zone however there are pockets of warmer water so look out for them. A very Nice Giant Guitar fish was caught at Port Dunford at the Shangri-La beach of 66kg making it one of the biggest of the season so far. The odd diamond is coming out together with some small Snapper and small sharks, there are still pockets of weed hanging about with a bit of a South North side wash, long wire Grapnels with the wires bent will do the trick, if you not sure what I mean pop into the shop and we will help you. Mtunzini Angling Club our fishing common venue this weekend we wish them the best, go for it guys and ladies.

Ski boat.

The men struggled like mad this week, the water was “a nice green” . On Wednesday the conditions were good and a lot of boats went out to try take advantage of the conditions, Jannie managed a small Tuna while the others had to contend with a few bottoms some guys managed to catch 5 fish in total and they were the lucky ones. So for the Sea 1 Anglers 0. This weekend the weather does not look that great.


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