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Fishing Report 07 January 2019

Fishing Report 7 January 2019


Right now in real time it is hot with clear skies a SE gusting 10 then swinging to an E gusting 9 is expected later on. Sunny with a Max of 26. Wave height 1.6-1.2 period 9 barometer 1011-1007

High Tide 04.34 Low Tide 10.30.


NE gusting 10 swinging to an E gusting 15 during the afternoon. Partly cloudy with a max of 29 rain is forecast in the evening. Wave height 1.4-1.8 period 19-16 barometer 1004-1001.

High Tide 05.03 Low Tide 11.01


NE gusting 3 swinging to an E gusting 12 during the afternoon. Sunny skies with a max of 28. Wave height 1.4-1.2 period 14 Barometer 1006-1003.

High Tide 05.32 Low Tide 11.32


NE gusting 19 swinging in the early afternoon to an E gusting 18. Sunny skies with a max of 37, rain forecast in the evening. Wave height 1.1-1.7 period 12-6 barometer 1002-994

High Tide 06.02 Low Tide ----


Coming off spring tide you will notice a big drop in the water levels and people are complaining there is no water to fish in, here is a solution look for deep holes as the fish that don’t move out will lie there waiting for the incoming water, if you don’t have a boat try the Steel bridge and the logs to the right of the main car park. People often ask us “What can you catch in the lagoon”? the answer is about 40+ Species or more long the list starts from an Apex predator the Zambezi or Bull Shark to the bottom of the food chain which is probably your mullet (of which we have 3 types) or Glassies at the moment it is quiet healthy with no real domination by any species. The most common fish caught on tiny hooks is the Tiger or Thorn fish (which by the way make good live bait) use big baits and big hooks to catch the bigger fish.


We fished ourselves to a standstill yesterday afternoon in that South wind but it was a trip  long in the planning so regardless we fished we were at the hole North of Doggies and I think caught 3 rats and mice between 11 rods. Meanwhile at the main beach young Chris took his wife and son for a few hrs on the beach and he took his 12ft rod with a small grinder to scratch with, after a 45min fight he landed a Diamond, well done that man. An Angler fishing at Port Dunford managed to land a nice size GT, it is not long and we will and them on the Mtunzini beaches. On Saturday there were diamonds galore they we popping up all over and even been taken on Chokka baits. The weed should have started to settle and today been a hot day, one can expect to catch some Diamonds, the trick is to set up a base and move up and down the beach looking for likely spots then put as many baits into the area as possible.

Ski boat

Green sea on Friday saw many boats coming back empty handed, however Nanook took a trip up North on Saturday and were rewarded with 5 nice Dorado. Yesterday after 24hrs of South wind the sea started getting its colour back so those guys that are out now must up their game as there will be fish about, our shop fish are swimming high, always a good sign. Yesterday they spent nearly all day at the bottom of the tank. Wednesday is looking no too shabby for a fishing trip.



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