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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 31 December 2018

Fishing Report 31 December 2018


NE gusting 13 then at the onset of the rain late this morning, it swings to an E gusting 5 at first then picks up to 16 by the evening. Max temp 30. Wave height 1.3 period 11. Barometer 1013-1012.

High Tide 11.38 Low Tide ----.


NE16 picking up to 23 by the afternoon. Cloudy with a max of 33. Wave height 1.6 period 11 Barometer 1010-1014.

High Tide 11.12 Low Tide 04.14


SW gusting 31 then drops slightly during the day when it is gusting 22, Rain forecast with a max of 24. Wave height 1.6-2.6 period 10-5 barometer 1009-1017.

High Tide ---- Low Tide 005.49


SE gusting 14 and swings midmorning to an E gusting 6. Rain all day with a max of 20. Wave height 2.6-2.3 period 9 barometer 1018-1014.

High Tide 00.51 Low Tide 06.53


By the amount of bait sold we must have the fattest juvenile fish in the country in the estuary hahaha however in this feeding frenzy some nice fish have been caught including some very good size River Bream. The mouth area is fishing well especially on the incoming tide as Diamonds, Snapper Kob and Shad are making their way into the lagoon, we think it is because the mouth is nice and deep. The rocky area after the steel bridge and the corner just before you see the N2 is also winning Spots. Some anglers fishing near the steel bridge watched a Brown Sting Ray chasing and catching Prawns along the edge of the river, that must have been great to watch, they were so amazed at what was going on they forgot to film it.


Yesterday morning while fishing just to the North of Doggies the shop called about something and Johan said to me he hears we are onto the Diamonds, we had a good laugh as none had been landed yet, another case of broken telephone, we are also trying to confirm a Zambie of 2.4m been caught about 1km North of Doggies, there was a guy fighting a fish from a dune and he landed a very big Diamond he was trying not to get his braid cut on the shore break speaking of which it seems that braid parts under heavy tension and maybe you should consider very heavy leaders. Fishing was slow yes yesterday, due to we think in the main due to lack of surf and wave action however fish were landed mainly small milkies so small you could hear the popping noise when we pulled them off their bottle while their mothers were feeding them. Some very good size Snapper Kop were caught and our group we had 3 bust offs with Diamonds, this was very frustrating as the guys had driven all the way up from Port Shepstone for a weekend fishing. Their decision was a correct one however as the weekend moved on the weather as forecast did not. Last night some Diamonds came out at Port Dunford and the cars that were left in the car park came to no harm, it seems as though the incident a few weeks ago was a one off. Lucky dip produced a monster Shad of about 6kg.

Ski boat

Snoek and more Snoek at long last the boats are getting them, I understand mainly on the Shallow Reefs around the Wreck, Home Reef and Glenton Reef. Bottom fish are plenty and some very nice size ones are being caught on the deeper reefs. There are reports of a Dorado been caught at Home Reef. Some nice Tuna of 7-9kg were caught near Pats but on the way there, millions of birds so they went to have a look. The weather is not looking great for boating for the rest of the week.




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