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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 24 December 2018

Fishing Report 24 December 2018


NE gusting 18, Sunny with a max of 30. Wave height 1.9 period 12. Barometer 1007-1004.

High Tide 04.41 Low Tide 10.42


NE gusting 18 swinging to an E gusting 20 by late afternoon. Partly cloudy with a max of 32. Wave height 2.1 period 12 barometer 1007-1001.

High Tide 05.25 Low Tide 11.26


NE gusting 7 swinging in the afternoon to an E gusting 10. Partly cloudy with a max of 33, rain forecast in the evening. Wave height 1.9 period 12 barometer 1004-1000.

High Tide 06.10 Low Tide ----


NE gusting 5 swinging to an E in the afternoon gusting 10. Partly cloudy with a max of 33, with rain forecast in the evening. Wave height 1.9 period 12 barometer 1004-1000.

High Tide 01.53 Low Tide 07.54


Firstly please be patient when entering the Park particularly on the 26th Dec and 1 Jan, Truman and his staff are trying their best to control the crowds to make sure everybody can enjoy themselves in a safe environment. Fishing wise we think from reports things are busy although some periods are quieter depending on what the tides are doing. When trawling do so very slowly for the best results and I suppose the same goes for retrieving from the side. Some very nice catches of River Snapper and Bream are been made.


Some very nice specimens of Diamonds, Honey’s and Guitar Fish are coming out all over from Port Dunford to the Bank with Port Dunford and The Banks producing the most. Shad and Snapper heads are the answer. We heard some cars got smashed at Port Dunford in the parking area on Saturday night, this is what Kallie mentioned to us the other day on one of the Chats, please be aware of that. Fishing during the outgoing tide at Doggies and the main beach is very slow in the mornings however the odd fish is coming out, this morning I was having my bait bitten off and I am convinced it was snails as I never felt a thing. Amatikulu has been fishing well with some nice Diamonds, Shad and the odd brown been landed, early mornings at Lucky Dip is the place to be.

Ski boat

One Swallow does not make a summer, after the excitement of Greg’s Couta last week the guys went out on Friday and although they caught some nice bottoms and a variety no game fish were caught. Most of the boats included Slinger, Squaretail Cob, Lanterns and Rockcod in there catches. Some boats are looking to go out on Boxing Day, let’s hope the weather holds.


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Happy Christmas everybody, stay safe, we are opening tomorrow.

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