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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 21 December 2018

Fishing Report 21 December 2018

Weather for the weekend.


NE gusting 11 for most of the day however early evening the SW or buster is going to come through gusting 34 bringing some rain. Sunny with a max of 37. Wave height 1.1 period 9 barometer 1007-1001.

High Tide 05.15 Low 11.17


SW gusting 19 by mid-morning then drops slowly throughout the day. Cloudy with a max of 20. Wave height 2.1-2.6 period 7 – 10 barometer 1081-1028.

High Tide 05.47 Low 11.48


NNE gusting 10 first thing and by late afternoon it will be gusting 24. Partly cloudy with a max of 23. Wave height 1.9-1.7 period 12, barometer 107-1020.

High Tide 06.22 Low 00.15


My Lagoon informants have gone to ground except for one, Kevin had a good day earlier on this week and caught some decent size Flat Head ( Bar Tail or River Gurnard are some of their other common names) Pickhandle Barracuda, Shad and something else. The water colour is very good especially now coming into spring and we have a lot of water movement. Silago or Banana Fish make excellent live bait and they are been caught at the movement so use them. Remember to use a small piece of wire in front of your lures, Shad and Pickhandle’s do not care about your R70.00 lures.



Hectic and Chaos for the first part of the week Diamonds Galore followed up by mass smash ups. One has to give a lot of credit to the Anglers who landed those big Zambies recently, it is not easy, we had a 53kg Diamond smashed up and so did  Waldo and his gang from Warner Beach fishing next to us on the main beach in front of the Siyayi. Early morning fishing is producing some nice size Snapper however this morning about 2 hrs before low tide the fishing went dead, the sea has small swell but big enough to generate some working water, the fish in the shop are up as we say and active therefore they must be on the bite in the surf the tide is coming in however the water colour is a little to clean. There are still Diamonds in the sea but they are not feeding as well as they do during the NE. We have heard about Walla Walla been caught on the beach, this is an unusual visitor to our beach, they make very good bait. Next week is forecast to be hot with NE wind so it you missed last weekend smash, oil those reels.

Ski Boat.

Today has been the best day of the week so far going out and lots of boats have gone fishing. We don’t expect any boats to be back early and we will update as we get news. High tide is at about 3pm and with the water conditions so good I suspect most of the skippers will stay out longer and return through the mouth.

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