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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 14 December 2018

Fishing Report 14 December 2018

Weather for the weekend.


W gusting 3 first thing then during the mid morning this swings to an E gusting 20 by the afternoon. Partly cloudy with a max of 29. Wave height 1.6 period 10 barometer 1018-1012.

High Tide 07.39 Low 01.14


NE gusting 20 swinging late morning to an E gusting 12. Partly cloudy with a max of 21. Wave height 1.7 period 9 barometer 1012-1010.

High Tide 08.43 Low 02.03


NE gusting 11 swinging to an East by about midday gusting 20 by the evening. Partly cloudy with a max of 31. Wave height 1.3 period 9 barometer 1013-1008.

High Tide 10.17 Low 03.16


For visitors not staying in the Umlalazi Reserve. You need to pay every time you go through the gate to go fishing be it on the beach or lagoon to reduce this cost we suggest you go to the office at the gate and get a ticket that covers your whole stay, depending on the length of the stay you will get discount. Fish species coming out in the lagoon this week, Malabar Rockcod, Shad, Lessor Sand Shark, River Bream, River Snapper, Spotted and Javelin Grunter, Cape, Natal and Big Eye Stumpnose, not often landed, Diamond and Honey Comb Rays.


Hit the beach as early as possible, the Shad are hungry and come onto the bite as the sun starts to rise so does the little sharks and Snapper Kob. We recommend you flatten your barb a bit as it makes taking hooks out of the little sharks easier as the have very tough skin and ripping a barb through the skin can cause the little fella some trauma. As I say if you catching “rats and mice” (as we call little sharks) you are fishing in the feeding zone, stay there you will get some Eds. I will be down on the beach most mornings fishing so if you see me and want some help I will gladly do so or why not join me the faster we can get you onto fish the more bait you  will buy hahahahaha. No seriously it is far easier to show you set ups on the beach than in the shop. Depending on availability I will try get some locals to join us as well. Don’t forget on Sunday the Angling club is hosting a Family Fishing day, registration at the ski boat club from 5am, see the details below.

Ski boat.

Been a quite week for ski boaters however several boats have gone out this morning as conditions are suitable. We had some guys from Umkamas here this week and they did go out a few times not in ideal conditions but they did manage some bottoms, these guys operate the dive boats and I am sure you have seen clips of them launching the dive boats from the river sliding over the sand bank and going into the surf, having met them and seeing the sea they fished in, they sure know their stuff beside they were a great bunch of guys and a good laugh.


Upcoming Family Day hosted by Mtunzini Rock and Surf Club 16 December 2018.

Boundaries are from the Umlalazi mouth to the Amatikulu river mouth. Lines in at 07H00 till 13H00. Weigh in at the Umlalazi Ski boat club with prize giving starting at 15H00. Entry fee is R50.00 per adult and R20.00 for juniors (U12).Tickets can be bought during the compulsory registration at the ski boat club from 05H00. Mr Wiggle will be there. Lots of prizes to be one. Bring and braai, fires will be supplied. Pap and sauce will be sold at R5.00 per helping. Fishing in the Lagoon will be allowed. Drinks to be bought at the club bar. Fun day for the whole family and what a great start to the holiday. A big thanks to the Rock and Surf Club for hosting the event.

Morning Market

Twiggs ( the deli across the road from the shop) as having a morning market from 9am to 4 pm with live music and wine tasting, pop along if you have nothing to do.


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