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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 07 December 2018

Fishing Report 07 December 2018

Weather for the weekend.


NE gusting 17 but going to swing to a SW gusting 12 during the afternoon. Partly Cloudy with a max of 38 rain forecast tonight, wave height 1.6-2.3 period 10-7 barometer 1001-998.

High Tide 03.39 Low 09.34 New Moon Spring


SW gusting 14 with some rain in the morning, clears up when the wind swings to a S at 12 kts late morning. Partly cloudy with a max of 24. Wave height 1.7 period 8 barometer 1006-1011.

High Tide 04.12 Low 10.08


S gusting 10 swings to a SSE late afternoon gusting 19. Light showers in the early morning with a max of 21. Wave height 1.5 period 9 Barometer 1011.

High Tide 04.43 Low 10.40


It was so hot here this morning an Otter was chasing a crab and they were both walking. The lagoon is fishing very well even though there have been big swings in the water temperature and it is still full of surprises i.e. one minute you are catching Kob them the next your reel goes screaming off Diamond Rays are normally the guilty party. It is time to consider using a bit of wire on your bite trace especially when fishing with bigger baits and artificials…..the Pick Handle Barracuda are back. Fishing must be good today as the shop fish are swimming high up in the tank.


Early mornings and the Shad and Snapper are out in full force mind you so are the baby Sharks please treat these little guys with care. We just had fun in the shop playing “we going on a summers holiday” a customer phoned in a said “ pack a tackle box we going on holiday with 2 boys” , this got us into the mood for the upcoming holidays and the said tackle box is ready for collection, always nice to do that. Here is a tip please not the casting weight of your rod, the bigger the sinker does not equate to the further you can caste but how quick you can snap your rod, your rod usually snaps before the 3rdlast guide or that area meaning we cannot repair it, if you want to lob big sinkers by a rod that can handle it. Flat fish are here to stay and hear stories about a few nice bust ups, one sounds like a good specimen of a Black Tip, this brings me to another debate we had in the shop during the week. Does a Zambie Breach when you fighting it? Not been a Zambie expert I do not know.

Ski boat.

Well, well at last a Tuna was boated by Janie on his water motor bike it weighed in at just over 10kg (10.159637kg). For the guys who went out on Monday and Tuesday they were not disappointed with their efforts, on Monday the catches were mainly Kob with the odd Snapper Kob however Tuesday it was different, more Snapper Kob than anything else and 3 nice Rockcod. There was no bird activity on Monday and Tuesday so no game fish were seen or caught.

From the Shop

With everyone on the road take it easy and don’t rush we will wait for you if you need bait when your arrive or we will open later if need be so you can hit the water at first light, I would rather you spend money in my shop than save it while you in hospital because you took that one chance. No seriously take it easy don’t rush make the trip an important part of your holiday like stopping for a Wimpy…….

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