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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 5 November 2018

Fishing Report 5 November 2018


Hot and humid so far today with no wind, Rain is forecast in the evening. Wave hight 1.4 period 8 barometer 1009-1003.

High Tide 02.06 Low Tide 08.07


SW gusting 29 first thing and remains like that all day, Rain is forecast later in the day with a max of 20. Wave height 1.4 climbing to 3.3 period 9 barometer 1005-1014.

High Tide 02.44 Low Tide 08.44


SW gusting 30 dropping to 19 later in the afternoon with the onset of rain, max temp 20. Wave height 3.9 dropping to 3.3 period 11 barometer pretty stable at 1022.

High Tide 03.20 Low Tide 09.18 New moon spring.


SW gusting 11 then around midday it swings to a SE gusting 4 and by late afternoon it swings to an E gusting 13. Partly cloudy with a max of 22. Wave height 2.3 – 2 period 10 Barometer 1024-1018.

High Tide 03.53 Low Tide 09.51


The water conditions have not been god for the past week due to the heavy rain so fishing has been very boring to say the least however while things were slow some local lads decided to test their bait mortar by bombing balls of ice from the slip way across the lagoon but all accounts they were pretty successful with their contraption and are going to take it to the beach as soon as they get a gap. Although we have rain forecast this week we hope it does not affect the water and the lagoon will be back to its normal colour later on in the week.


With the weather like is was over the last week and this weekend, it was time to braai as in “Ons gaan nou Braai” (We are going to BBQ soon). What you need is to get some mates around and make a fire telling your mates we will start cooking soon, as the fire is ready shout to your wife to bring the meat outside, she will them bring a frozen leg of lamb out and for sure your mates are going to give you that WTF look. You then unwrap the meat and baste it and sprinkle with braai spice and put it on the braai grid and start turning it every now and then. We know the sharpest knife in the house is your bait knife so take it out of your tackle box and for the effect it must have some old Sard juice where the handle meets the blade. Cut slithers of lamb off and serve on Garlic Bread, baste again sprinkle with braai spice and continue till you get to the bone. That will fool them and it tastes very nice. Back to fishing, one of my informants shot down to the beach this morning and loaded up with fish as they say. Plenty of Shad (Summer Shad as we call them, the little ones) however they managed some nice size Snapper Kob and well as Milky Sharks and a Spotted Grunter note all the Shad went back, it is still closed season even on a Monday when you are the only group on the beach.

Ski boat

Seems like the last week has been a good week for boat maintenance, although Amatikulu Ski Boat club had a trip to Vidal over the weekend, they did manage to get out to sea and some Dorado were caught, I believe not a lot of fish were caught but fun was had by all.

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