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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 26 October 2018

Fishing Report 26 October 2018

Weather for the weekend.


E at 14 knots for the rest of the afternoon, dropping back at sunset, yip a good evening to fish. Sunny with a max of 31. Wave height .8 period 5 barometer 1017-1015.

High Tide 04.23 Low 10.25


SSE gusting 8 picking up to 11 by the early afternoon, Sunny with a max of 26. Wave height .6 period 10 Barometer 1020-1018.

High Tide 04.57 Low 10.57


E gusting 2 first thing picking up to 13 by the evening. Partly cloudy with a max of 27. Wave height .8 period 9 barometer 1020-1016.

High Tide 05.32 Low 11.32


Scylla Serrata or mud crab are back in their favorite spot, in front of the main car park and if you do not want to catch them they can cause frustration however the good news is the River Bream are back on the bite as well as small Kob. Looks like the lagoon is starting to fish like I does during the summer, stand by for the Diamonds coming in as swell as the Snapper Kob. The water seems to have settled after the big rain we had recently so we look forward to a good angling weekend.


Now that the weather has settled somewhat the anglers have been able to fish the surf and  it is fishing like the summer months, plenty of small sharks and Hammer Heads to keep one busy and the Snapper Kob are back unfortunately so are the Shad, please do the right thing after all taking them is only fooling yourself. Non Eds in the way of big flat fish should start making their appearance. This weekend is “postal” for the club fishermen and an informant tells me Mtunzini might fish theirs here, let’s hope they still do. Some nice size Spotted Pompanos have been caught an informant has told me they are really a good size. An informant informed me much to his disgust while trying not to catch a little Hammer Head Shark he put a Sea lice or Mole Crab out as bait and still ended up with a little shark, I still say if you catching them you are fishing in the feeding zone, stick it out.

Ski Boat.

The whales seem to have moved off and the fish are back on the bite. Looking back on what happened last week when the whale puled the boat along it was almost like a hand shake as if the says cheers guys we out, only one was seen yesterday. Good says bottoms were caught on the shallow reefs while the deeper reefs like Edwards the fishing was slow, nothing was caught on the trap sticks so that boat had a bottoms day only. Regular catches of game fish are been made in the Richards Bay area and to the South of us, maybe they were hiding from the whales and they will come into the bay. There are some boats out now and hopefully they will manage a few Dorado. Big snag on my game fish theory an informant told me the water temp is sub 21 but he had a good session with his water motorbike and got his quota of bottoms at the wreck.                                      

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