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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 15 October 2018

Fishing Report 15 October 2018


SW gusting 3 however right now there is not even a breeze in the afternoon the wind swings to an S gusting 19. Sunny skies with a max of 24. Wave height 2 period 10 barometer 1017-1010.

High Tide 06.49 Low Tide 00.38


SW all-day gusting 11 at its peak in the afternoon. Partly cloudy with a max of 22. Wave height 1.8 period10 barometer 1015-1012.

High Tide 07.31 Low Tide 01.15


SE all day gusting 15 at its peak in the mid-afternoon. Rain forecast with a max of 12. Wave height 1.5-2.5 period 9-14 barometer 1012-1016.

High Tide 08.57 Low Tide 02.11


A day of 3 winds SW gusting to 9 first thing then swings to a S gusting 3 then mid-afternoon to an E gusting 11. Some rain first thing then PC for the remainder of the day with a max of 21. Wave height 2.8- 2.1 period 14-13 barometer 1016-1013.

High Tide ---- Low Tide 04.46


We had big rain on Friday night into Saturday morning and this caused the river water to be very muddy and fishing was awful with most anglers reporting they did not get a decent bite all weekend. I saw one of my informants doing a bird walk yesterday, he never even took his rods out of the car.


The surf was in a mess all weekend with a strong side wash after the storm on Friday and very few fish were caught. An angler managed 2 size Kob very early on Sunday morning in front of the Forest Lodge and a few Snapper Kob were caught in front of the Siyayi and the crowd at Doggies did not even get a bite. The side wash is settling and the holiday makers at the Forest Lodge will have some good fishing time especially today before they head back.

Ski boat

Some plans were made to go out yesterday but by Saturday evening those we shelved and we not sure if anyone did try go out from here or Richards Bay for that matter however if you look at the weather we having today it would be a good day at sea as they say you can tell when it is Monday in Zululand, sunny skies and no wind.

News from the Shop

Umlalazi Ski Boat club is hosting a Bottoms Competition on the week end of the 10-11 November (11th been the reserve day) Please note this event had to be POSTPONED. The format is the Comp will be fished on the Saturday with the Sunday being a reserve day, entry fees are R400.00 per angler with prizes been awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd then lots of other prizes with a lucky draw. We are hoping to make this an annual event and the reason we fishing it at this time of the year is that bottom fishing is at its best. Entry forms will be available in the shop.

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