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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 28 August 2018

Fishing Report 28 August 2018.

Weather for the week.


Stunning morning so far sunshine and no wind although forecast to be blowing at 6 kts from the NE swinging this afternoon to a SE at 5kts. Max temp 23. Wave height 1.6 period 12, barometer 1024

High Tide 04.40 Low tide 10.27


N at 5kts swinging to an ENE in the afternoon gusting to 20kts. Sunny skies with a max of 25. Wave height 1.4 period 10, barometer 10024- 1018

High Tide 05.08 Low 10.47


NE at 11kts swinging to an ENE gusting 20. Sunny skies with a max of 28. Wave height 1.4 period 12, barometer 1018-1013.

High Tide 02.12 Low 08.25


What a weekend for those that could get to their secrete spots, one particular angler using a surf board with his gear strapped on it manage 2 very nice River Snapper one it which was 57cm (ORI 4.66kg) and a nice size Malabar Rockcod and lost 5 other fish, he claims judging by the fight to be bigger River Snapper all were caught using live Tilapia as bait. More diamonds were caught up in the stone wall area but no decent size Kob, it is not long before we catch them as we are coming up to “peak season” for Kob



To the 2 guys who ventured onto the banks were rewarded with a couple of those bus Shad and using a Shad head managed to land a female Ragged Tooth Shark of 203cm (ORI 160.67kg) and they lost a bigger shark, they briefly saw the head when the hooks pulled it was not a Raggie but by all accounts we think it was a big Grey or even a Zambie it will remain a mystery. The Bank has moved closer to the shore over the winter making the wade a lot easier, they are going back their again this morning. The other spots along the beach produced some smaller Shad and some busses with lots of little Hound and Milky sharks to keep one busy, roll on the weekend.

Ski Boat.

Andre took Nanook out for a spin after coming back from a service and headed for Richards Bay with the hope of getting a Garrick and that they managed to achieve, the Garrick have been a bit quiet of late so it is nice to see they still in the area, we are not sure how long the season is going to last as they were late.

Next events.

Umlalazi Ski Boat club is hosting a Bottoms Competition on the week end of the 29-30 of September (30th been the reserve day). The format is the Comp will be fished on the Saturday with the Sunday being a reserve day, entry fees are R400.00 per angler with prizes been awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd then lots of other prizes with a lucky draw. We are hoping to make this an annual event and the reason we fishing it at this time of the year is that bottom fishing is at its best. Entry forms will be available in the shop.

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