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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 23 August 2018

Fishing Report 23 August 2018

Weather for the weekend.


Light breeze at 4 kts from the WSW dropping to light air at 2kts fron the SE in the afternoon. Partly cloudy with a max of 20.Wave height 1.6 period 14, barometer 1022 dropping to 1018.

High Tide 02.46 Low 08.57


Moderate breeze from the NNE all day at 10kts gusting to 22 midday before dropping off. Max temp 25 and partly cloudy all day. Wave height 1.6 period 13, barometer 1013 dropping to 1005.

High Tide 03.16 Low 09.26


Gentle breeze at 6kts for most of the morning then the wind swings to a SSW gusting 12kts. Partly cloudy in the morning then early afternoon the clouds build up with rain forecast late afternoon, max temp 20. Wave height 1.6 period 9 barometer 1003-1017.

High Tide 03.44 Low 09.53


With new moon spring tide on Sunday has to make fishing more exciting, there will be a lot of water movement and drift bait fishing has got to be one of the tactics to deploy. Don’t be shy to fish with heavy tackle as the Diamonds are still in the lagoon, the Shad seem to have vanished from the lagoon, in fact this week so far fishing has been very slow maybe they saving themselves for the weekend.


So far this week has been rats and mic kind of week with the most exciting edibles caught were Tiger Toothed Croaker with the odd Drum , tell that to DAFF ( Snapper Salmon and Kob) non eds consist of the little Milkies and baby Greys. Yesterday although there was no wind we had a strong South North Side wash which hindered getting big baits out. The weekend for those who like to fish using the Barometer as a guide sees 2 good barometer swings, the best one before the rain on Sunday.

Ski Boat.

Yesterday we had a charter with a difference, we took a Mother and Son out who were holidaying from Belgium and they wanted to fish a bit and “See stuff” well they managed some fish in a flat sea and watched some whales and Carole jumped off the boat and swam where many fear to do so, how many big sharks have been seen out there, this was a first for us but it is not often one swims with whales in the back ground. The channel from the mouth is running tight against the beach heading towards Port Dunford or North , the 2 sand banks have now joined and have formed a solid bank right across the mouth so going straight out is looking for the proverbial. It looks like the conditions will be choppy but fishable for the die hards.


Next events.

In order to accommodate the big boats the Bottoms comp has been moved to the 29/30 September 2018. The reason for this is because the silting from the slipway to the first corner has not been washed away as expected but settled there. The format is the Comp will be fished on  the Saturday with the Sunday being a reserve day, entry fees are ( R350.00 - R450.00) per angler with prizes been awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd then prizes for biggest fish covering 5 Species. We are hoping to make this an annual event and the reason we fishing it at this time of the year is that bottom fishing is at its best. Entry forms will be available in the shop.

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