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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 27 July 2018

Fishing Report 27 July 2018

Weather for the weekend.


The wind will be from the NNE all day starting with a moderate breeze at 6 m/s dropping to a gentle breeze at 5 m/s. Partly cloudy with a max temp of 25. Wave height 1.4 period 8, barometer 1024.

High Tide 03.31 Low 09.43


Moderate breeze all day at 7 m/s swinging slightly to a SSW later on, partly cloudy with a max temp of 20. Wave height 1.6 period 8, barometer 1024

High Tide 04.42 Low 10.12


Light breeze from the N at 2 m/s picking up in the afternoon to a gentle breeze from the ENE partly cloudy with a max temp of 24. Wave height1.6 period 9, barometer 1026.

High Tide 04.31 Low 10.41


Yesterday afternoon the lagoon was full of activity as the fist were bait balling fish and prawns, we suspect they were Kob or Pickhandle Barracuda, unfortunately I have not had any feedback from my informants yet. I very big Brown Skate was seen in the shallows, however the guys who were watching it tried to tempt it with bait but with no luck. We are wondering if the activity has not got anything to do with the springs today.


Still lots of little sharks in the surf zone however amongst them is the odd big shark, big Shad and Diamonds. I quote “Hell Nic I got broken properly by a very big Shark”. It seems as though the Eds are been caught early in the morning and late in the afternoon as soon as the sun is up ( around 8 am) and high enough the sharks come on the bite till it starts going down. Any bait is working at the moment with most of the big Shad are been caught on Sard. Mark lost an Onda on Wednesday evening while Spinning for Garrick we suspect the culprit was a big Shad. Best spot this week has been Doggies as the banks are closer and the water is deeper.

Ski Boat.

2 boats went out this week and only caught bottom fish, no reports of game fish been caught, we are in for a windy day today and tomorrow however Sunday looks like a good day to go out. There must be Natal Snoek about.

Next events.

Umlalazi Ski Boat club are planning a “Bottoms Comp” in September around the weekend of the 22nd to 24th being a public holiday and the last long weekend before Christmas, we will let you know more detail as we get it.

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