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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 23 July 2018

Fishing Report 23 July 2018.

Weather for the week.


NE for the whole day gusting up to 12 kts at its peak. Sunny skies with a max temp of 26. Wave height 1.6.

High Tide 00.40 Low tide 07.04


N gusting 6 kts then swings to an E gusting 5 Kts. Sunny skies with a max temp of 27. Wave height 1.4.

High Tide 01.38 Low tide 07.57


N first thing gusting 4 kts swinging to an E later in the day gusting 5. Sunny skies with a max temp of 27. Wave height 1.2.                                                

High Tide 02.22 Low 08.37


SW gusting 5 kts swinging in the early afternoon to a SE still gusting 5kts. Sunny skies with a max temp of 25/ Wave height 1.2m

High Tide 02.59 Low 09.11


We are coming up to spring tide at the end of the week which will mean we will have more water to fish in on the high tides and less on the low, the area around the slipway is going to be very shallow at low tide making launching very difficult, there has been an application made to open the old launch site in the main car park for the short term or till the sand in the slipway area gets flushed out.



On Friday afternoon there were reports of a lot of Shad been caught on the North Bank of the river mouth at Port Dunford, we know a lot of guys went to fish there but our informants are not forth coming with information so it could be that it fished like the main and Doggy Beaches with lots of small sharks. One group near us on Saturday settled for catching Spotted Pompanos and they caught quite a few and no matter what the size was into the cool box they went. Another Angler was picked up by a decent size fish and after a few minutes into the fight the braid snapped, unlucky for him, it would have been nice to see what size it was.

Ski Boat.

Launching was difficult here due to the tides been low early morning and although the sea was flat it seems nobody went out from here. The guys that fished the Snoek Derby caught a lot of Snoek and I believe all the entrants got their fair share of them, if they are off Richards Bay they will be here too.

Next events.

Umlalazi Ski Boat club is planning to hold a Bottom Fishing Competition in September on the weekend of the 22 September, it is a long weekend.

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