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Fishing Reports

Fishing Report 15 July 2018

Fishing Report 15 July 2018.

Weather for the week.


The South wind hit us as a Strong Breeze at 11 m/s from the SSW, rain is forecast this evening, note to self-bring the washing in. Wave height `.4 rising to 2.6 by the evening period 7.

High Tide 05.57 Low tide ----


Gentle breeze at 5 m/s from the SSW picking up to 7 m/s in the afternoon. Partly cloudy with a max of 18. Wave height 3.5 which will result in a massive side wash and a period of 11.

High Tide 06.40 Low tide 00.29


Light breeze first thing at 3 m/s from the NW then it will swing to the NE still at 3 m/s, sunny skies with a max of 20. Wave height 1.5 period 13.             

High Tide 07.23 Low 01.13


Gentle breeze at 4 m/s from the WSW swinging to a gentle breeze from the SSW at 5 m/s. Sunny skies with a max temp of 20.

High Tide 08.09 Low 02.00


Shad have made their way into the lagoon and are being caught almost daily, maybe they saw this bad weather coming and wanted some where nice and warm to hide away…..there I go again, humanizing fish hahahaha. There are still Diamonds in the lagoon when targeting them use big baits like a whole Sard, the Malabar Rockcod and big Kob will take those baits as well. Crabs are also in abundance and you are allowed to catch 3 per day on a rod and reel.



Last week the fishing picked up towards the weekend with the little sharks coming back on the bite and with that some decent size non eds being landed amongst that was a Blue Ray which is not a common species in our waters. Another fine Stumpnose was caught by the same angler making it 2 caught by him in the same week, we estimate this one to be 2.5kg i.e. it was this big (show of hands). Diamonds and Hammers together with a mixed bag of other sharks were abundant at Port Dunford on Friday, the group of fisherman manage 40 fish between them, and all were safely released. At Last a Garrick was caught in the mouth area on Wednesday afternoon, my informant tells me it was so big the guy carried it of his fish ski with 2 hands.

Ski Boat.

Fishing for non eds last week produced good results with some nice big fish been caught notable a Dusky Kop of 32kg, it is the biggest that we know of this year. This week weather wise does not look good for launching until Thursday when the sea settles after this storm. Very interesting comments are coming back on the weight of the Kob and the assumption of it being weighed in Lbs. is looking more likely, I shall have to interrogate the angler and scale hahahaha.

Next events.

Umlalazi Ski Boat club is planning to hold a Bottom Fishing Competition in September on the weekend of the 22 September, it is a long weekend.

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